I made this awesome drawing to show how I envision that TorFS is going to work.

The system is specifically designed for people who like dogs but don't own any themselves.

The two sequels to Margaret Atwood's Orix & Crake (The Year of the Flood and MaddAddam) were pretty disappointing. The characters weren't as interesting, there weren't many new developments, it felt rather long-winded, the antagonists have only gotten shittier (for no reason whatsoever, we never get their part of the story), and there's a bunch of forced drama mixed in for good measure.

Such a pity, the first novel was brilliant.

I'm an idiot. I was stumped when I got this error last week, and thought it was a bug somewhere in an ebuild. Got the same error again today and was wondering why they hadn't fixed it yet.

Turns out I have ~amd64 on all the rust-related packages, but forgot about virtual/cargo. The 1.29 version of virtual/cargo doesn't realize that rust-bin 1.30 is sufficient.

I should stop being lazy with investigating errors. 🙄

Watching a tranquil fantasy anime and my mind is going all "I want a dog like that!!!"

I-It's not like I like tsundere t-twincest or anything!

More fuzzing. I was worried about afl not finding more paths, but then I gave afl-cov a try and now I'm much less worried. afl managed to cover the entire state machine and almost all of the branches (there's a few sub-branches that it missed, but those aren't important).

Turns out a simple codebase like yxml can be fuzzed pretty quickly, after all.

Been playing around with afl to fuzz yxml[1], but even after supplying a useful dictionary, I don't get the impression that its tests are covering much of the codebase. :blobunsure:

1. dev.yorhel.nl/yxml

I don't think people are going to appreciate my sense of humor when they're too busy being annoyed by rate limits, but at least this is better than nginx's unhelpful default error page.

I have this Steelseries keyboard with two extra arrow keys, which I bound to "volume up" and "volume down". That causes some pretty hilarious volume changes when I fat-finger an arrow key. 😅

Just finished Oryx & Crake by Margaret Atwood. The cover has two green rabbits and a butterfly, suggesting a cute children's story. The first page has photo of its author, a very friendly looking woman, to reinfoce that suggestion. Then you start reading and it's a dark and dystopian novel about bio-engineering, corruption, ecological disaster and humanity's near-extinction. All told in a witty and engaging style. Brilliant!

Anyway, migration from ReiserFS to EXT4 is done!

I only had 3TB of free space, so I had to do use a slow rsync-rm-shrink-grow-repeat strategy. This is what that looks like in terms of disk usage (in percents, so a drop in usage can also mean an increase of the filesystem size - also, I ended up moving it to a LUKS device while I was at it).

Aaah this warning brings back memories. It was also in beta when I last used it 15 years ago.

I needed a little break from web dev, so I decided to continue an old project. Now I write mind-numbing boilerplate, instead. 🙄

My nginx reverse proxy is suddenly spiking in RAM usage, but I can't figure out what's causing it. Hmm. :blobawkward:

"No not open with a chainsaw".
Yeah, uh, the thought hadn't crossed my mind, but thanks for the warning.

Also, speakers. :blobcheer2:

My monitor can display two inputs at the same time. Pretty neat when doing some work with a Raspberry Pi.

I'm used to seeing tons of NullPointerExceptions, so this was a nice change.

Dear Japan,

I realize this is a fantasy anime, but if you're using a Dutch city as inspiration, please keep the following in mind: This country is *flat*. 0/10 in realism.

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