Why implement threaded or async network I/O when you could just as easily add a notice.

Decided to give my new phone's camera a test drive. Most of the photos turned out blurry or with shitty lighting, but that's just me sucking at photography.

Visual novel reading chair: acquired.

It's old and dirty, but

My new phone just arrived. My old phone took that as a sign to... Open up? Seems pretty broken...

Typical day in the life of a sysadmin: A bot found a slow page. 😞

's dynamic type system is definitely a weak point. Types are implied by operators rather than by values. Except when they aren't, and you end up writing hacks like this.

Aaaargh I can't stand not knowing what's going on 

I might be on to something. Let's keep monitoring...

This is what happens when I get distracted by the noise of leaf blowers outside.

Someone has been playing a LOT of visual novels against their will.

Looks like twitter is A/B testing a new layout. It's supposed to be the same search results page, but it's not even giving the same results...

Pushed out a large and potentially breaking update. Time to go for a hike!

I've seen many negative comments on the web, but this is a new low.

The Futurological Congress by Stanislaw Lem was a fun read. A short story, chock-full with humor, fast-pased action, weird hallucinations, odd twists and an interesting utopia-turned-out-to-be-dystopia. The dystopia in itself is like many others in the genre (Brave New World-like, just a little worse), but it's hard to find such a great combination of tropes in such a short novel. Can highly recommend.

Talking about miniflux, this item on their homepage keeps amusing me. Barely readable gray-on-white text is not exactly a good example of "Optimized for readability". I wonder if it's intentional, but it's so out of place... miniflux.app/

Finally finished Chasm City, another 700 page monstrosity by Alastair Reynolds. It's as hard to review as it was to read.

I liked the writing style, the masterful world building and the meticulous approach to hard . But it's not without faults: The story takes 400 pages to get anywhere at all, I had trouble making sense of the motivations of many important characters and the foreshadowing and final story explanations could have used more subtlety. Still, it's a brilliant read (and a brilliant universe!) if you have the patience to make it through.

I add one hidden <fieldset> around the main box and suddenly the box shrinks so that tabs are next to it rather than above it. Modifying an old CSS mess is, well, a mess.

Looks like the Nyoro~n emoticon has been removed. I don't know how else to respond to this error.

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