Finished "A Fire Upon the Deep" by Vernor Vinge. I was worried that this would be pretty soft Sci-Fi. Sure enough, it's chock-full of aliens with cultures and ethics suspiciously close to current humanity, there's faster-than-light-travel and even a complete medieval fantasy world. Yet everything fits together so well and the story more than makes up for the rather implausible setting. I can't imagine a better mix of medieval and epic . A very entertaining read!

But this did uncover a different issue: Indexing those files into my Hub is slower than I had hoped.

Here's my Hub's resource usage as it was downloading and reindexing the shared files every 30 minutes. That disk I/O is particularly high, considering this is an SDD.

Indexing done. My Raspberry Pi is now running a share with over 1.2 million files! :blobcheer:

And it has enough memory for another million, it looks like.

Finally finished the two sequels to Alastair Reynolds' Revelation Space; Redemption Ark & Absolution Gap. Complex stories, highly imaginative, but rather weaker than the first novel. It was basically more of the same, but with some drawn-out, unnecessary and highly unlikely subplots thrown in. With 650+700 pages it was also rather long-winded. Still had some fun and interesting things to offer here and there, so, overall, it was an okay read.

Yeah, this is like, totally readable. The syntax highlighting is also utterly perfect.

Failed attempt of emoticon madness to invade my terminal.

Naturally, the first thing F5 does after acquiring nginx is to spend money on SEO marketing. :blobunsure:

I'll be taking care of this fluffy old animal for a week. Going to be lots of fun!

If it were possible to die from an overdose of cuteness, this image might cause a mass extinction event.

Finished Eden by Stanislaw Lem. What an... odd book. It suffers from consisting largely of abstract and hard-to-visualize descriptions of an alien planet, and the conclusion is typical of Lem: Humans are too biased to make sense of aliens. Not his best work, but still an excellent and wildly imaginative trip.

I found something of historical significance while going through some old boxes.

I thought I had finally devised a good method to dynamically construct SQL queries in , but it turns out I can make a horrible mess of everything.

Review key scammers are pretty active again. And they're still as bad as ever at figuring out that I don't own these games. 😞

I've just released 1.14. This release adds mtime display & sorting, a limited form of --follow-symlinks, can display larger file counts in the file browser and fixes a few bugs you weren't likely to trigger anyway.

Get it from

I could not resist buying this super cute stuffed animal from the stand at . It stands stable on its 4 legs, I expected no less from the Postgres project. :blobaww:

I-it's about to start! :blobaww:
(spent 5 minutes uploading that image, WiFi is having a hard time here)

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