The Futurological Congress by Stanislaw Lem was a fun read. A short story, chock-full with humor, fast-pased action, weird hallucinations, odd twists and an interesting utopia-turned-out-to-be-dystopia. The dystopia in itself is like many others in the genre (Brave New World-like, just a little worse), but it's hard to find such a great combination of tropes in such a short novel. Can highly recommend.

Talking about miniflux, this item on their homepage keeps amusing me. Barely readable gray-on-white text is not exactly a good example of "Optimized for readability". I wonder if it's intentional, but it's so out of place...

Finally finished Chasm City, another 700 page monstrosity by Alastair Reynolds. It's as hard to review as it was to read.

I liked the writing style, the masterful world building and the meticulous approach to hard . But it's not without faults: The story takes 400 pages to get anywhere at all, I had trouble making sense of the motivations of many important characters and the foreshadowing and final story explanations could have used more subtlety. Still, it's a brilliant read (and a brilliant universe!) if you have the patience to make it through.

I add one hidden <fieldset> around the main box and suddenly the box shrinks so that tabs are next to it rather than above it. Modifying an old CSS mess is, well, a mess.

Looks like the Nyoro~n emoticon has been removed. I don't know how else to respond to this error.

Always fun to be reminded how old some parts of the code base are. I wrote this function in 2009 and added that comment in 2015. It's still in production.

Argh this form. Where is the "I don't know, I don't track people" option?

Uhm, I don't? People just come, or something. :blobshrug:

I just realized that my terminal segfaults when I close it.

Not sure if bug or feature.

Alternative use for hard drives: Keeping network cables in place.

I've learned not to complain when a syntax highlighter messes up Perl, but this is a whole new level of bad. :blobtilt:

What happens when I attempt to use Windows.

Huh. I have a 1px transparent PNG that I use as background for some HTML elements. This being 2019 and browsers supporting RGBA colors in CSS nowadays, I figured I'd get rid of that image and just use CSS.

...but for some reason it blends to a different color, and I can't figure out why.

Another year, another , and if this robot is any indication, it'll be awesome. (lets just pray for good weather...)

My oven doesn't have a built-in timer function, so here's my latest entry to .bashrc:

noti() {
sleep $1 && aplay .noti.wav

# Wait 10 mins and play a sound
$ noti 10m

And I found the *perfect* notification sound.

Yes, I can see how too many Read mores would be a con.

(And how is escaping HTML still a problem? :blobglare:)

Automating stuff with regexes is painful. Always some odd side cases that aren't handled well.

Playing around with Anime4K in mpv. It does sharpen the image a bit, but doesn't do much about the compression artifacts. :blob_cry:

(Comparison PNGs:

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