Who needs IPv6 when you can put ISP customers behind NAT and host the rest of the internet at a few centralized cloud providers!

@Miaourt @ayo NAT doesn't protect from that at all, specially when your Tv is likely to have more or less a backdoor and your gateway to have stuff like UPnP for opening ports without authentication.
Put it on LAN-only with basic routing or do actual firewalling.
@Miaourt @ayo The point is more that NAT is awfully expensive and limits the number of ports to one of a single address, firewalling could often be compared to routing but at a higher OSI level, NAT is rewriting packets and keeping track of extraneous ip:port relations.
Also NAT breaks a bunch of protocols, ~P2P VoIP clients are a mess because of trying to do NAT traversal, FTP should die but it cannot work if the server is behind a NAT.
@ayo inb4 serverless is their secret solution to ipv4 exhaustion

@ayo busily swiping the internet back into a compuserv/AOL garden

does that mean Eternal September will finally end?

@ayo In Germany it's the opposite it seems. You get a public IPv6 prefix and IPv4 goes through a tunnel. This setup is known as DS-Lite.

@ayo kubernetes users need ipv6 due to giving every machine its own cidr block
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