has bumped Rust and GCC and emerge wants to rebuild Firefox. If only my CPU had a higher TDP I could use it to keep myself warm this winter.

@ayo Friendly warning: Most of the modern computer aren't designed to sustain a "100% thread/cpu" for more than 3-4 minutes. And most of those new computers have their temperatures limits way too high. And since the kernel start to throttle when it's already too late most of the time; You may brick your system or more likely damage the cooling system just by using Gento and compiling with most of the available thread with GCC ^^'

@df5t0rw Uh, that doesn't sound right. A properly built system (i.e. with appropriate cooling) ought to be able to run at 100% for long periods of time just fine.

@ayo Well.. It "was" like that.. but most modern computer aren't design for that.. and it is annoying and sad.

@ayo @df5t0rw when I was still at university - which didn't have proper insulation at some segments - I once actually did run chromium compilation to keep my hands warm during a break

@glaurungo @ayo I did that too :P Having a build server in my studio did help at lot after that for the winters. And in Canada, Electricity is cheap so it wasn't that bad.

@ayo @df5t0rw
Intel has this thing called "Turbo Boost" where some CPU cores' clock can go above theoretical limit for a brief period of time and/or when other cores aren't doing anything. So basically the total energy output of all cores at max clock is higher than the TDP. The clock speed control logic is supposed to make sure the TDP is not exceeded for a sustained amounts of time. In theory.

Personally, I just keep an eye at the temperatures, so that I can ctrl+c if they get dangerously high.

@Wolf480pl @ayo One other thing I hate about all those temps check and all is that the CPU max temps is way higher than the fans max temps before they start to deform and loose their effectiveness. Like... yeah they won't melt.. but they will get just flexible enough to change a little and start making noise or even djam. The 2018 Dell XPS series did that someone I know lately.

@Wolf480pl @ayo 80-85 as he told me. Max temp was set to the default 100. And it happen in 2 hours.

A more personal experience would be the System76 Oryx Pro 2018. The back panel transfer the weight directly on the fans enclosure... And the weight of the laptop alone seams to be enough, with the heat, to djam the fans by squeezing them.

@df5t0rw @ayo
>Most of the modern computer aren't designed to sustain a "100% thread/cpu" for more than 3-4 minutes.
not all computers are made by apple

@r @ayo @r @ayo well, I'm talking about laptop for most of the case. A good example would be the latest Dell XPS. Or the system76 oryx pro.. Or the thinkpads from personal experiences. And the Gento wiki is warning you about that problem.

For desktop.. my experience stop at the dell and asus latest; they have this problem too.

So.. I guess you can keep your idea about this until it happen to you too ^^' not here to argue about this fact :)

@df5t0rw It really depends on what kind of devices you buy, both XPS series and system76 are following apples "slimmer is better" approach, this face the same problems. There are plenty of normal laptops that don't have those issues. I've used Gento on my laptop for many years and never had any issues.

@r It's true that those laptop have big problems with their "discrete gpu" for the cooling just to say that.

However, if you do like I said (using 100% of a thread for hours), you will get problem on any modern CPU.

This is why the "default" (or the recommended) way to setup GCC is to setup the maximum parallel compilations to the number of "real CPU". So the charge can be moved from one thread to an other to limit overheating and speed up the process.

@r Maybe I was unclear when I said "100% of a thread/cpu". What I meant was if you setup GCC too use near all the available thread. Like my CPU has 6 cpu and 2 thread by cpu. If I setup gcc like gento recommend it; I would have set a maximum of 7 parallel compiling. And I will be fine.

The problem is when new gentoo user set it to 11 in my example. They mistakenly think that every thread is a cpu. And here we go. Fans will deform and stop in their enclosures.

That was what my warning was about

@df5t0rw ok, but my laptop has 4core/8threads and my MAKEOPTS had -j8 in it, also the laptop has a discrete gpu in it.
Not really just an Apple issue. It's an Intel issue. By default, they normally don't even allow that all cores to be overclocked or boosted at the same time, precisely because they don't envision "normal" operations to involve all cores be at 100% for long periods of time.
@df5t0rw @ayo
@df5t0rw @ayo if your computer has shit cooling, sure, but even my shitty netbook can sustain 100% for hours

@tuxcrafting @ayo Yeah my chromebook that I flashed on archlinux with the max98090 kernel ccan compile (really slowly.. arm..) for hours and nevers complain.. but it don't have the power to overheat...

I'm talking about any i7 8th gen or later on laptops. The gento wiki warn you about this in the gcc config in the installation help pages.

I had this problem on many laptop and some desktop. The solution is just to reduce the number of thread used by gcc to compile.

@shiba @ayo Not relevant ^^' I'm talking about keeping using a thread at 100% for a while. Your example.. Doing 4 parallel compilation with 8 thread (4core/8 thread : average low end computer. I don't know your config) won't arm you because the system will natively auto swap threads to allow the cores to cold down. :) It's even less usage than recommanded by the gento wiki (cores + 1).

@df5t0rw @ayo If not by temperature, how does a 100% workload harm a CPU?

@shiba @ayo (I did read too fast before and answer something out of scope. Sorry.. Here I go again). It shouldn't. A good cooling system, let's say a liquid one, can let a modern CPU to run every thread at 100% for a while and you won't have any problem as far as I know.

Let's see a citation on that. All modern processors scale back their frequency with heat and power constraints and they do it hundreds of times a second.

People have literally ran cpus bare and they downclock or shut off but they don't brick the system.

@ksteimel @ayo yeah. Most of the time the new gentoo users I help that have their computer can't stay open more than a minute have their fans deformed (or djam in their enclosure) and the thermal paste just not effective any more.. And practically all the time it's because of this intense usage that their machines aren't designed to support (Ex Windows) with a wrong config (Confusion about thread and CPU).

So yep it's not brick.. but it's close to. CPU is fine most of the time but meh ^^'

@ayo there's a reason why "Gento" has a firefox-bin package

@r And there's a reason I'm not using it.

(..but I forgot what exactly that reason was, I think it was Pulseaudio)

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