Hmm just concatenating JS files doesn't really work when the order of initialization/execution matters. I can fix that by relying on file name order to concat the files, but then I have less freedom in how I name the files. I can also fix it by creating a single main.js and assembling the rest in a `require()`/#include-style fashion, but then I need to update that file whenever I add/remove a module. Or I can annotate the files with an `//order:123` comment and do some grep/sort magic to concat the files.

So many choices.

@ayo This is why webpack just repeatedly concatenates stuff in order of declared dependencies for each file and leaves optimization to a later time. In many cases that doesn't even happen, leading to morbidly obese files I cannot comfortably open in Emacs.

@wasamasa Yeah, this is a "solved" problem if you're willing to bring in the Node ecosystem and all that cruft, but that's decidedly not KISS.

@ayo But when you include <script>s you need to have the in the right order as well if they depend on one another, so no difference?

If you're using modules though building a dependency graph should be possible though

@minus If I included multiple <script>s, sure, but I moved the problem to my build system by throwing everything into a single file...

An order comment sounds like the way to go :P
*winks in LSB*

@ayo I would advise against the order comment. From my point of it is a very bad design to have sorted parts define their "order". The main.js approach looks much simpler and easier to understand to me.

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