What'll it be?

@ayo Single text field that can be filled in with a fancy calendar. This way, it will work with and without JS.

@ayo if this is for a website, what's wrong with basic HTML? :blobcatthinking2:

@polychrome The first 3 options are all flavors of "basic HTML". :blobowo:

<input type="date"> has historically had shitty browser support, but that's looking much better nowadays. The UI differs quite a lot in different browsers, I've no clue if they're all equally usable.

@ayo it sure did, but yeah now days the main 3 browsers seem to support it well enough :o

Haven't tried links2 tho.

@ayo @polychrome yeah also thought, in principle, this options allows browsers to give the most configurability.. (but i thought it might suck in practice so went for number two)

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