The two kinds of space lovers: Those who see space as holding infinite possibilites for mankind to learn, grow and expand. And those who see it as holding infinite arguments about how insignificant, stupid and fragile we are.

Someone in the former camp has been trying to get me enthousiastic about all kinds of things, but that hasn't been very successful with me being firmly in the latter camp.

@ayo i thought the television and internet was the infinite source of arguments about how stupid we are? Uh. uuh.. okey like "papers of record too". like, everything 😞

People can still learn plenty on Earth.. And often they don't... We all know how it is, it's easier to focus on stupid easy to understand thing at the level we're at..

@ayo I see space as holding infinite challenges and things that seem impossible but are actually possible, and doing them will make you feel awesome and godlike.

But then, there's lots of such possibilities in reverse engineering too...

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