Product idea: A mini-fridge you can hang around your thermostat so that it keeps your place warm.

@ayo another idea: a thermostat with a dial or two buttons, allowing you to adjust the target temperature

@Wolf480pl That can't possibly work. How would it remember your preference for longer than 30 minutes? How could it know I'm still freezing even when its half-broken sensor says 21 °C?

@ayo ideally, it should keep the preference until told otherwise.

As for its sensor saying 21 - maybe the sensor indeed is half-broken, or maybe the thermostat is in the wrong place in the room/flat? You'd probably want it to be in the coldest place, but it's kinda hard to move once it's screwed to the wall... maybe thermostats should be wireless?

@ayo oh, you asked _how_ it could remember the preference? Well, I guess a piece of NVRAM and a lot of good will on the developers' side.

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