What should I do with a Github repo after migrating it to another service? Keep the Github repo as an updated mirror? "Archive" the Github repo? Upload an empty repo with a README? Or just set a link to the new repo in the description? :blobthinking:

@ayo 2 and 4 imo. mirrors are just extra work and unless it's crazy popular no one will care it's moved

@ayo I'd go with an empty repo with just a readme and link to new location, putting in appropriate keywords if you want discoverablity

@ayo This is a great question. What about a sunset plan for a period of time, like a year?

If the repo is being used to supply some other build proces (PyPI, Docker, etc.), then it does make sense to keep it around during the transition.

You can visually say "This software is now available at ____" and encourage people to move.

If it's a small project that doesn't have many users, indexers like Google are working against the move so just bite the bullet.


@ayo keep it as a mirror. Many people still prefer GitHub for their work.

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