Web question: Firefox will not fire an `onsubmit` event on a form when one of its input elements has a constraint validation (e.g. `required` attribute is set and the input has no value). Is this behavior standardized? Are there (modern) browsers that will fire the event?

To answer my own question: None of the major browsers that I tested will fire the `submit` event on a validation failure. Which is good.

Yet for some reason I do occasionally see incoming requests that would not have passed validation. Do users disable client-side form validation or something? :blobunsure:

@ayo could that code also be (semi-)valid html 4, which doesn't support client-side validation?

@leip4Ier The incoming requests appear to come from browsers that definitely do support it.

@ayo i see, then it's weird. maybe poorly coded extensions that rely on novalidate or something like that. or someone playing with disabling validation and looking what'll break without it. there even are extensions for that.

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