Why is it that every time I want to do something super trivial, it never works and I end up debugging low level protocols and code? :blobhiss:

Today's problem: I want to connect my PC to some LG TV. The thing has HDMI, so how hard could it possibly be?

I've learned a lot about Kernel modesetting and EDID today, but haven't had many successes in convincing the TV to display anything other than "NO INPUT".

Amazing. Finally got video output working (with the correct resolution, even!), but now I'm not getting any audio through HDMI. Whyyyyyyy. :blobdead:

@ayo I know your pain.

It always almost unsolvable when you have no second screen or any another way to get console(ssh, serial, et cetera) and still really hard when you have.
@ayo check does HDMI output shows in alsamixer/pulseaudio. Select it as default one.

@a1batross Tried that, of course. Even tried speaker-test on every output that I have (that includes 5 HDMI devices :blobunsure:)

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