Startup idea: an app that lets you take a photo of an object and tells you where and how to discard it in the most eco-friendly way, taking into account local regulations and facilities.

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@ayo It's not much of a startup idea unless you have a business plan. I don't see how you could monetize that.


By selling add-ons, such as the one that includes the option “toss it onto your neighbour's backyard” or the premium “ignore the ☢️ sign and put it in the bin along with everything else (honestly, it's OK)”.

Relieving people of their guilt has been a profitable #business for centuries (cf. ecclesiastical #indulgences).


@fred @ayo You could work with municipal governments and make the app for them. This could be just one of its features. Others could be related to public transportation, tourist attractions or info about all the services provided by said governments.

@josemanuel @ayo not without them publishing a tender first, and having to go though that annoying process.

@fred Why would that have to be FIRST? How would governments know about things if nobody came up to them and say: “I had this great idea. Maybe we could collaborate in making it a reality?” (Or: “I and many others have this pressing need. Why don't you help us in exchange for our votes?”)

Also, given whose idea it was, it makes sense to get it funded through grants or subsidies. No need for tenders at all.


I don't know, I sell to consumers. What I do know is that public institutions are rather rigid about where they can spend money.

Grants are often targeted for-profit businesses.


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