That moment when you get offered commit and release access on your first PR. Open source is so fragile. :blobunsure:

Interpretation A:
You are the only user. Not even the original author uses the project anymore. 100% users are contributing users, and you're making releases that only you will use so that's fine.

Interpretation B:
There are hundreds of users who aren't even aware they use this software. None of them contributes. You're the only contributor, and the previous maintainer is tired so the power to screw over those hundreds of non-contributing users is handed over to you.

In the end, does it matter that much if you're the only contributor? Or is it the contributor-user ratio, or in general the percentage of users which participate in the project's community, that matters?

@Wolf480pl Author doesn't use it anymore, there's no community, but I'm sure enough people still depend on it. :blob_cry:

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