Back when I was a cute little kid I was able to speak English pretty fluently (for my age). I expected that to improve quickly so that I'd be able to speak it at near-native level in just a few years.

20 years later and I haven't improved much at all. :blob_cry:

a) you need to use it for it to improve, and
b) there's not much point getting beyond a certain level. B2 is enough for most cases, C1 is more than enough IMO.

@Wolf480pl Well, yes, both points are too obvious to be worth mentioning. That doesn't really change that I often wish I was better at English.

@ayo The important part is actually speaking. I couldn't really speak properly at all after I left school (even though every other "skill" was very good). Being forced to use it at uni made me get better at it and now I'll be completely reliant on it for the next two years, so I hope I'll come out very fluent on the other end. :blobhappy:

@abs I'm envious of your situation. Maybe I need to leave the country for a while as well.

...and do something other than hiking and staying inside all day. :blobthinking:

@ayo @abs visit Poland, if you're as terrible at English as an average Pole, you'll be able to bond with people over your embarassment

@314 Will that improve my English, though? 😅

@ayo Hiking and staying inside are very nice, though.
Don't you go to conferences a lot? I'd think those would be mainly in English.

@abs A few times a year, not nearly enough to get good language practice.

@ayo Well, once we get to meet, you'll have a chance to practice as well. :smile_lain:

@ayo wonder if there are voice chats you can join.. Dunno how to end up actually talking instead of just listening though..

@jasper @ayo make it a tabletop RPG over voicechat, Then you can't avoid talking if it's your turn in a battle :P

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