I used to think it was cool to collect manga or something. A decade later and I've no clue what to do with this stuff...

Oh well, the manga works fine as the background for the rest of my books.

And that was the last of my boxes, I'm all set for now!

And apologies for the shitty photos. Still waiting for that Librem 5...

@ayo i'm worried about what myfam will do with all the hentai when i die...

@ayo that's awesome! Please keep it!

But if you end up being forced to get rid of it anyway... how much for the Death Note?

@Wolf480pl I just finally unboxed everything. It'll likely stay in that position until I have to move again.

@ayo i have a full set of love hina that i want to sell but dont want to be seen with :blobsweats:

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