Reading through some of Stylish Haskell's dependencies, and the hashmap code seems really weird...

Part of it is that Haskell's datamodel prefers tree-based collections rather than array-based ones, but it seems like more than that. I'll figure it out...

O.K., they do have a file explaining the weirdness:

They explain that they're implementing a variant called "hash array mapped trie", which basically is a trie indexed by the key's hash.


@alcinnz You've probably figured this out already, but to be explicit: The reason why Haskell data structures often avoid array-based implementations is because Haskell likes immutability. E.g., inserting an element in a map goes like this:

new_map = M.insert old_map key val

That conceptually creates copy of the entire data structure, since old_map is still accessible. If it was implemented as a naive hash table (i.e. based on an array), then the implementation would be forced to create a full copy. With trees, only the nodes that have been changed need to be copied, which is much more efficient.

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