Nvidia doesn't support Sway, Sway doesn't support Nvidia and neither seem interested in fixing that.

So I guess I won't be switching to wayland after all. :blobshrug:

@ayo sway is an excellent wayland compositor. I have applied your statement in reverse and dumped nvidia alltogether. You should join the "my next GPU will not be an NVIDIA" club

@lvl I might, but for the better or worse "my next GPU" likely won't happen in the next 4 or 5 years.

@ayo it's totally up to Sway's author. Though with this compositor clusterfuck that Wayland has, I'm not sure switching to it is even worth the trouble.

@ayo Is there an issue with Sway on nVidia in general or only with proprietary nVidia drivers but Nouveau drivers are supported?

@kmicu It's the proprietary drivers. They provide a different buffer API and Sway refuses to use that API.

Nouveau should work, but it's lacking video decoding support for my card.

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