There's all these great non-profit organisations doing actually useful things that could use help with software development and maintenance. That's work I'd love to do, but I can't make a living from it.

And then there's tons of shitty companies doing absolutely nothing of value but willing to pay a very good salary.

The heck am I supposed to do?

@ayo split it 50/50? At least that's what I would do.

@ng0 I don't see myself working full-time at a company anyway, but it's still a rather suboptimal situation, from a motivation point of few. 😞

@ayo I am trying to find the anwser to that question too.

@ayo work for a company that partly use open source on the agreement that they allow contributing back?

@michel_slm IMO, open source is not an end goal in itself. I care more about the purpose of the software: Does it solve problems that only large companies have, or is it actually useful in other contexts?

Unfortunately, many companies that embrace open source only do so for projects that are of little benefit to end users, hobbyists or non-profits.

@ayo completely agreed, not all open source projects are equal (based on real life usefulness, licensing and governance). Can't speak for other companies, and not speaking officially for my employer, but I'm glad #Facebook switched away from using BSD with a patents grant since that is really unpopular in the community (eg for React). We contribute to external projects we don't control like the #Linux kernel and #Chef too


There are no-profit organizations that pays well, and there are companies that employ open source software writers.

I.e. the mpv lead developer has got a job my a company to work on mpv itself. The company had a software similar to Kodi but I can't remember the name.

Those are few cases, I know, but it might be worth considering a long term plan for these opportunities.
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