My almost 5 years old Motorola phone is slowly dying. Battery doesn't hold out for very long anymore, flashlight is broken, I've had to disable automatic software updates in order to keep performance at usable levels. I suspect the flash is dying, too.

I really hope it will hold out long enough for the Librem 5 to arrive, don't want to get a new phone just to bridge a few months. :blobsweat:

On the other hand, maybe a few months without a phone wouldn't be too bad, either.

@ayo people find it satifying to develop apps for the Pinephone rather

@succfemboi Considering both the Pinephone and the Librem target mainline Linux, I'd expect software availability would be equivalent.

@ayo do you have a backup dumbphone? like an old Nokia or sth?

@ayo but how will you awoo on the go? 🤔 /s

@ayo I gotta say my month with my Nokia E51 was enlightening
@314 the best thing about non-smartphone is that it is easy to forget... it happened to me to leave home twice without it because there is no habit to look on the display all the time
@saper eh, not convinced. I patched my comms through to my phone via an irc client, so there was still incentive to check it
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