Package arrived! :blobcheer2:

I wasn't very happy with my old keyboard (pic 1) - too large and ugly - so I treated myself to my first mechanical keyboard: The Leopold FC750R PD (pic 2) with Cherry MX Brown keys. I'm liking it so far, the compact layout allows me to use the mouse more comfortably and the build quality seems pretty solid. Does make a little bit more noise than I had hoped, despite the built-in sound-absorbing pad. And I need to find an alternative to my old media keys.

The English translation of the manual is comedy gold:

"Please note that the feelings of different axes vary from person in specific use." 😂

I've always mapped Caps lock to Ctrl, but now it's official.

@ayo brown are tactile non-clicky, right? And you're saying they're loud? I wonder what you'd say if you heard MX Blue...

@Wolf480pl Yup. My frame of reference might be a little skewed in that I've never used mechanical keyboards before, and non-mechanical tends to be more silent in general (I think?). I definitely don't want to hear the Blue version. 😅

@ayo it sounds awesome tho... like, you press the key softly and hear a click and it gives you so much satisfaction...

@ayo hmm... I'm not sure how audible MX Browns normally are, but... are you bottoming them out? Because if you do, that'd make them louder, as you not only hear the switch, but also the backplate...

@Wolf480pl Doesn't seem to matter much, the keys are clearly audible even if I type very lightly. Well, they can be pretty silent if I spend 3 seconds per keypress, but that's not very practical.

@ayo Fun, I'll pick mine up tomorrow, but with red switches.

@ayo Loud mechanic keyboards are the computer equivalent to modifying your muffler so your car becomes louder.

@ayo this is how it was always meant to be

@ayo now replace the low Ctrl key with Alt and you'll be even closer to having an XT keyboard :thonking:

@polychrome Hmm. I could swap Alt and Ctrl, but then I still have two keys too many for an XT. Maybe swap Win with right Alt so it becomes Alt Alt Ctrl Space. 😅

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