The best "severe vulnerability in critical software you rely on" announcement is one where the vulnerability has accidentally been fixed a while ago. No need to rush out a patch, I'm safe. :blobcat:
(That said, why is 's security track record so damn bad?)

@ayo hmm... is there a reason to use exim, other than "it' the defaul MTA on Debian"?

@Wolf480pl It has the most flexible configuration of the MTA's I've tried. I'm a stubborn idiot who always has his own ideas about what software ought to do, so I'm making great use of that flexibility.

@ayo tbh, I haven't tried exim yet... maybe I should.

I've tried postfix, and its config format seemed like a bunch of unrelated magic variables, without any kind of structure.

Then I tried OpenSMTPD and its config format was awesome - you could imagine the emails flow through the config directives, the same way you see packets flowing through iptables rules. But it was missing some features (eg. SPF) back then.

Have you seen OpenSMTPD? How does it compare to exim?

@Wolf480pl I haven't, but that config format does sound pretty nice. Exim configuration is also that: It allows you to configure rulesets that are invoked at the various different actions that Exim performs, the rules can influence Exim's behavior in detail.

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