Random observation: Organizations are often very wary of writing custom code in order to solve a problem they have, because they realize - correctly - that the code will need to be maintained.

Instead they often opt for existing products that come with far more features than they need and end up being far harder to understand and maintain than the few hundred lines of scripting that would have sufficed for their use case. :blobcatthink:

@ayo But what if someone else writes features and maintains it for them? That would totally explain the current state of open source in business solutions...

@wasamasa From what I've seen: Small organizations (esp. non-profits) often don't have the funds to outsource a certain task, so they end up doing it themselves. If they don't have a coder in the team, that may end up messy.

Large organizations often don't want to depend on a freelancer or smallish company and end up buying big fat expensive software packages that check all the boxes but require an FTE or two to run.

The organizations in between seem to be in the better spot.

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