Each time a cyclist passes me I look for signs that it's an e-bike. It's like I can't accept that some people are faster than me. 😅

@ayo boo, i do it the other way around. My bike is some grannybike and it's very hard to speed up and i juet blame it on my shiddy bike :blobcatglaredrink:

@ayo Where I live e-bikes are limited by law (and usually by manufacturers as well) to 25km/h.

So I always make sure to intensely stare at e-bike cyclists that pass me to telepathically make them feel ashamed of themselves for cheating and incidentally breaking the law.

Only athletes on light-weight racing bikes have any right to pass me. And that's only because they're in full skin-suit and aren't carrying any bag.

@Naughtylus Oops. That law apparently applies here as well, but I've broken it myself by going 30 km/h with my Mom's e-bike once.

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