That moment when you perform a large data transfer over Tor and you can see a corresponding spike in network traffic on one of your own Tor relays.

@ayo are you able to check your connections, make sure it is going through one of your own nodes?

@GigaByte4711 Tor Browser comes with a plugin that shows you which relays your connection is going through, but it doesn't cover the entire circuit (and I wasn't using it). Don't think there's any other way, really.

@ayo ah, okay.

I use Tails when I'm commuting, and that has the ability to see each full circuit, and the data connection that each circuit is using. I forgot that wasn't part of the bundle.

@Wolf480pl @ayo

Sorry, now I've booted my tails machine:

Its an app in its own right. I find it useful for diagnosing dropped/lagging connections.

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