Github is doing a hostile takeover of a few package repositories and people are cheering them on. What a time to be alive!

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@ayo you mean this holy shit I first read the "package repositories" as "single repos", not entire package registries...

@ayo can you put some links? It seems didn't notice such news...

@ayo thanks.

But I don't agree that it is hostile or actually a bad thing. I think this is a thing that makes diversity a special thing.

You can host your package repository mirror by yourself, or, pay for GitHub Enterprise (or whatever) and get a centralized auth, task management, package registry and more (Like hosted GitLab, but not only for docker).

@alexcleac This is, for all intents and purposes, a fork. Nothing inherently wrong with that, but you've got to have a good reason to split the userbase with a fork. And seeing the popularity of Github in general, this has a good chance of eclipsing the main repos.

@ayo it can be. And the same way it can't happen at all. I think, some part of developers will migrate and some will not.

I think we'll see this in time. However, I hope that GitLab will throw same thing really soon, otherwise, they have less benefits than GitHub - and this puts them in worse position, while they were at better ones before this feature.

@alexcleac I'm not sure this should even be a feature of code hosting sites. I can see some value in providing project-specific package repos, but a global platform-wide one? I don't see why you'd want that unless you want to be married with said platform...

@ayo @alexcleac
isn't that like, for organizations' internal repositories that would be separate from the main one anyway?

@Wolf480pl @alexcleac Hmm from what I read it's not just private repos but also a large public one. With Github's mindshare I can easily see that becoming the main repo for a lot of developers.

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