Project idea: A tool that, given a .torrent file and a directory with lots and lots of files, identifies which files are part of the torrent. This would be a useful tool for seeding torrents that you might already have... somewhere.

And it'll be a fun coding challenge, as this isn't a trivial problem.

@ayo this is a really good one.
What if a file is missing? we should be able to keep seeding other chunks but are the chunks only from the same file?

I mean, it's warrantied that smallest chunks are only formed with data of one file or do they mix data from different files?

If this is possible, this would be a REAL InterPlanetaryFileSystem not that IPFS bullshit LOL

@ekaitz_zarraga A single chunk could cover multiple files, so yeah, by missing a file you may also miss any other data covered by the same chunk. But it's certainly possible to only seed the chunks that have been fully identified, even if not all chunks of each file have been found.

Torrents don't lend themselves well to this "InterPlanetaryFileSystem" use-case, but with some workarounds and heuristics you can get quite far, I think.

@ayo It would be very interesting to separate torrents in independent files that can be seed all together or separately so this usecase is simpler and transparent for the users.

Files could be located anywhere in the system, with a good file indexer that "chunkifies" all the files and gets their hashes everything could be shared with no user interaction.

This is really cool imho.

@ekaitz_zarraga You're basically describing Direct Connect[1] (The network is still kinda alive, despite its age). The project I'm currently working on[2] uses the same principles but tries to improve some aspects of it.


@ayo Great, that means I wasn't completely lost!

I'll take a look to both of them. I really like the idea and I have to thank you for sparking this thoughts.

Really interesting. Thank you for activating my mind and giving me some extra info. This is very valuable!

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