I created a Matrix room for ChiFS:

Or: @ freenode.

I encourage everyone who's interested in ChiFS to join!

Nobody on the fediverse is interested? Well that's... :blobcatcry:

@ayo Nobody in the fediverse likes Matrix (?)

@roobre That's why there's an IRC gateway.

@ayo My bad, I didn't saw it
Since I don't have matrix, I'll join IRC channel :-)

@ayo Checked the website, noticed the problem immediately: You are using dog pictures in the examples /o\

Make it some kittens and things go viral immediately ;)

@ayo Don't hesitate to insert at least a sentence, right into the news, describing what it is: following links is a major step…​

@amiloradovsky I realized I should have done that after posting it, but :blobshrug: not sure it would have mattered much.

@ayo There are 500 characters at least… and people are reluctant to actively search, even follow the links and hashtags. Me included…

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