On the one hand, I much prefer server-side generated HTML with a little bit of Javascript to enhance parts of it. On the other hand, once said enhancements become even slightly more complex, this approach results in a horribly unmaintainable mess of DOM manipulation, and an alternative approach is needed. That's when I prefer to write the entire thing in , but at that point nothing works anymore with NoScript.

Why is web development so annoying?

@ayo I see two approaches for the web. One is the static documents and forms, the other is the full GUI apps. The point when web development gets awful is when people want you to do both things at once, or they want you to use one approach for something that really fits into the other.

If your app is going to be complex enough to where html/javascript is cumbersome, go ahead and use the fancy abstraction. It's still better than the applets of old.

@crlf Well said.

I wish the entire web would still follow the static documents model, but everything has to be much more interactive nowadays, so the app model is hard to avoid in some cases.

@ayo Interactivity has a place. I don't mind it for things like masto frontend (heavy as it is) because it really is more convenient to have a constantly updating feed.

But what gets me is when news sites won't render their text-and-photo stories without a million scripts. Honestly I would expect a static doc system to actually be less work for the devs, and with the impressive things CSS can do these days they shouldn't have to sacrifice aesthetic to do so. It's just so strange.

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