I sometimes miss the days when everything was written in C or perl and built with autotools, at least I knew how to get stuff working. Now I spend far too much time fighting the different language build systems.

Want to give a try, but installs valac as /usr/bin/valac-0.36 and I've no clue how to proceed. Should I try to convince Mason to use that binary? But how? Am I supposed to create a 'valac' symlink instead? But there's no 'eselect vala', so probably not. :blobeyes:

Of course I'm being a hypocrite here; I've published projects in Haskell, Ocaml, Elm, Go, Perl and currently working on some in Rust. All with their own build system.

@ayo Have you tried the web client Pinafore? I think it's great and it works good with qutebrowser.

LinuxRocks hosts a client at if you want to try it. :)

@hund The reason I'm trying Tootle is because I want to get away from the web...

@ayo I'm old school as well. But I'm okay with a few exceptions like Mastodon of there's good web clients like Pinafore.

But I have an rebuild for toot if you want to try that. :) I used it a lot before fully switching to Pinafore.

@ayo Or what about Bitlbee with the Mastodon plugin? That works good as well. :)

@hund Thanks, but I got Tootle working now.

@ayo I have already packaged it:

My overlay is named "tastytea", you can add it via eselect repository or layman.

This screams the need for a Flatpak manifest in the repo.

@KekunPlazas To be fair, Tootle is on Flathub. But if I was the type to run Flatpacks, I probably wouldn't be using Gentoo.

Regardless of whether you want to run flatpaked apps I recommend you to try Flatpak for development, SDKs and runtimes are a bliss, I even use it to develop libraries.

I know that feel. C programs you just make && make install, for other stuff you have to install that particular language's package manager, like 800 MB of dependencies, and also because the motto of all tech companies these days is 'move fast and break things' you need to make sure you also have the right version of the language itself installed (looking at you, Rust)

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