Are there any cool privacy-preserving & distributed networking projects in need of additional client/server/tooling implementations?

I kinda feel like writing yet another DC++ client, but that network is pretty dead by now. Time to move on to something that still has potential.

I was working out an idea of implementing something DC++-like over , and I think I actually came up with a pretty realistic project.

I wrote some details down at

Feedback appreciated!

@jeffcliff I had heard about that project a few years ago, not sure why I had dismissed it back then. Reading up on it a bit more, it looks pretty damn cool.

It's a rather complex project to contribute anything significant to, but let's see if I can find something.

@ayo depends on what you mean by additional, but at gnunet we are always in need of additional hands and software building on top of it is slowly coming along.
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