There doesn't seem to be an easy way to have Firefox route .onion addresses through Tor while connecting to the rest of the internet as usual. I realize this doesn't offer the same anonymity as a separate Tor Browser, but it wins in terms of convenience.

In fact, I wish browsers did this by default. It makes a lot more sense for regular websites to move to a censorship resistant Tor hidden service if was supported by default in the major browsers.

@ayo i used ProxySwitchyOmega for this for quite a long time, it works great.

It's much safer to use the TBB for browsing onion sites, though

@popefucker Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for!

@ayo This feature would add a lot of risk. Someone could host on an .onion site and add an script or image that links to clearnet. Then the clearnet site would notice that you're having an .onion referrer. And since the clearnet site is served without going thru tor, they would also know your IP address. Then you're uncloaked.

@Sadale I'm aware of that, and I'm not interested in this feature for anonymity - I'm interested in the censorship resistant part of the story, which is something that the clearnet (great term!) doesn't offer at all at the moment.

@ayo Is your country censoring pirating sites or something?

@Sadale My ISP has blocked the pirate bay, yes. But that's only part of my interest in this - my other reason for wanting this feature is because some of my own sites are blocked in other countries, and there's no simple solution that I can offer.

@ayo Wow. What sites are you hosting? Why does it get blocked?

@Sadale sometimes gets blocked by overzealous ISPs or internal networks (often WiFi networks). I suspect it's the porn, but I never hear about the reason.

@Sadale Fortunately I don't think I've been on a country-wide blacklist yet, but I do see a general trend that sites are getting blocked left and right and for any reason imaginable. There's no accounting of this and no way to appeal when you're affected. This is quite worrying. 😟

@ayo hold-on... You're the author of VNDB? WOW! I knew this website and it often get linked in a parallel anime community (outside Mastodon). You're such a cool guy! I never realize that you were the guy behind it! Good job on making this website! :O

@ayo HEY! Is this all what I get after typing something lengthy praising you? Ayo-chan no BAKA! I hate you now! >_<

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