I play around a lot with different programming languages, but for some reason I always end up coming back to , despite its many warts.

I wrote a script that was supposed to set the "Engine" field. It worked, but it had a few side effects. :blobshrug:

Why do people think it is acceptable to crawl sites at hundreds of requests per second.

Yes, I will notice that. Yes, I will firewall your IP ranges.

In that sense, the ODC Open Data License is perhaps better suited, in that it acts both as a license and a contract. But I've no clue how it holds in practice.


Been looking into database rights a bit more, in the context of providing dumps. has a pretty good FAQ* on it, but it's still such a mess. In particular, many countires do not recognize database rights and users in those countries are free to ignore any license restrictions. That's not very encouraging.

*) wiki.creativecommons.org/wiki/

My ISP is advising its customers to use a VPN.


Looks like wstunnel[1] can be abused for SSH-over-HTTPS tunneling. Exactly what I had in mind, except I'm not comfortable running half of NPM on my systems. 🙄

1. github.com/mhzed/wstunnel

And Zerochan was down for about 40 minutes because MariaDB thought it a good idea to fill /tmp and stop processing queries. It should have used /var/tmp instead.

My bad, config has been fixed now!

I suddenly remembered what it was!

I was recently on WiFi that blocked my SSH port, so I thought about setting up some TLS or HTTPS tunnel on my main server and use ALPN or SNI to differentiate between normal site traffic and my SSH tunnel. It looks like nginx can do this with the stream_ssl_preread module[1], but it doesn't look like that module can use the internal HTTP server as 'upstream', so it will cause an extra level of indirection for all HTTPS traffic. Not sure I like that solution. Maybe I can hack something together with Websockets instead.

To be continued...

1. nginx.org/en/docs/stream/ngx_s

I just had a brilliant idea.


Finally finished Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. If you're looking for an entertaining, silly, over-the-top, fast-paced, nerdy cyberpunk action story with excellent world-building, then this is a pretty good read.

But if you're looking for something insightful, you'll probably want to look elsewhere. The story is based on a theory tying together the origin of conciousness, language, religion and viruses. Not all of it is bullshit, but enough to make it wholly unconvincing.

Typical me: I disable WiFi on my phone when I leave for a short trip so it wouldn't waste battery trying to find suitable access points and protect against rogue SSIDs.

And then I forget to enable it back home and a week later get a message that I've reached my data quota. :blob_cry:

That feel when you're all motivated to get some work done, start by looking at the existing code, suddenly remember that this mess is why you had not implemented the feature several years ago and instantly lose all motivation again. :blobcatoh:

"Something went wrong" is not a good error message if a user uploads a file larger than some undefined and pretty low size limit.

No, Youtube, I've not signed out. I never had an account in the first place, and that's not about to change. :blobunsure:

Nvidia doesn't support Sway, Sway doesn't support Nvidia and neither seem interested in fixing that.

So I guess I won't be switching to wayland after all. :blobshrug:

The recent OpenPGP DoS attack has been interesting in its own right, but it's also renewed the ages-old discussions on the usability of the Web-of-Trust model and PGP in general.

This post and the first reply in particular make for a great read: lwn.net/Articles/792641/

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