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Let's do this
/ thing after all, since the profile description doesn't give me much room.

I write code, mostly backend and :tux: tooling. Mainly and , but also have a few projects in and .

I do :gentoo: sysadmin and host sites:
and a bunch more.

I read: goodreads.com/review/list/7129
I watch anime: anidb.net/up36778
I sometimes play visual novels: vndb.org/u2

The best part is that the theme of the event is "Security & Privacy", from an organisation that really ought to know better.

Ok, this is new. I couldn't find information about an event on the website of the organization. Turns out that some of their *internal* links are Google ads. Great, thanks, I have those blocked at the DNS level. Ended up using DuckDuckGo to go to the page I was looking for. :shock_kosaki:

Note to self: If you're going to make temporary modifications to a backup directory, also temporarily disable the daily cron job that rsyncs to that directory.

My changes ended up being even more temporary than I had intended.

The PostgresSQL pgcrypto module is sorely in need of more modern KDF functions. Having scrypt directly in the database would both simplify my code and make it easier to deny read access to the password column while still allowing password verification.

The worst part of this is that I'll probably still throw a 150 €/month order their way in the near future, despite the terrible support. The competition is almost twice as expensive for what I need. :blobsad:

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The image preload code turned out kinda ugly indeed, but the overal result is nonetheless pretty nice.

The gallery viewer at v3.vndb.org/v3 is now written in :blobwoah:

Source: g.blicky.net/vndb.git/tree/elm
And the rather ugly supporting JS: g.blicky.net/vndb.git/tree/sta

There doesn't seem to be an easy way to preload images in . This might get ugly. :oh_no:

Trivial workaround: There's an elm-stuff/exact-dependencies.json file that seems to be unconditionally updated when running 'elm package install'. I just made that a build target with a dependency on elm-package.json, and it works perfectly. \o/

Hmm, the tooling seems miss an "only download missing packages" command. I'm now running 'elm make --yes' from my Makefile, but that command fails when adding a new package to elm-package.json. I could add 'elm package install -y' before the 'elm make', but that'll hit the internet on every build. 🤔

The nice part about running an 18+ anime site: You get to look at lewd images while coding.

This has happened to me several times now: I'm looking for reference documentation on a feature I've been using for a while, to verify that what I'm doing is sensible and portable. Instead of finding what I was looking for, I find that there are other cool new features that I wasn't aware of.

In this case, I was looking for 'sub PackageName::myfunc { .. }' syntax, and instead I learned that Perl has support for lexically scoped subroutines since 5.18. I'll be using that!

I have now written the most perfect data validation module for . It's concise yet powerful, an absolute masterpiece.

...almost. The only thing it needs is 20 pages of documentation, which I'm totally not in the mood to write. 😭

ICMP Router Advertisement packets arriving on my new server have been erratic since I opened a ticket about IPv6 being broken. I guess that means they're working on it.

(tcpdump is fun)

Finished Key the Metal Idol.

That was... interesting. The pacing and direction were all over the place, but the mature science fantasy story and the sensible characters managed to keep me hooked. Not sure why I hadn't seen this a decade ago. Also, boobs.

Whenever I code in , I wish it was more functional. Whenever I code in , I wish it was more dynamic. Maybe I ought to give or a try at some point.

"Sometimes it's rather worrisome that the security of our systems is such a beeping mess."

lwn.net/SubscriberLink/751534/ (Worth reading in full, even if you already knew about the beep vulnerability. LWN reporting is just that good)

It always surprises me when I do a remote install of with a custom kernel, custom initramfs, with a stacked mdadm/lvm/crypt setup, and somehow it boots up with a proper network and ssh configuration on the first try. :blobsurprised:

The fun part about SSDs is that you can use blkdiscard to easily and quickly start with a clean slate.

That's also the scary part.

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