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Ayo @ayo@niu.moe

Nice and readable summary of the new Foreshadow Intel CPU vulnerability: lwn.net/SubscriberLink/762570/

Looks like things will slow down even more for virtualisation environments. :oh_no:

Problem #1: I have too much money on Paypal.
Problem #2: My PC doesn't handle games at 4K resolution well.
Solution to both: Bought a GTX 1080. Should arrive tomorrow.

I only all problems were that simple. :blobsurprised:

Just finished Mortal Engines by Stanislaw Lem, another collection of short stories. During the first several stories I was afraid that this was going to be more of "The Cyberiad": Absurd, nonsensical, highly entertaining, but ultimately pretty shallow. Fortunately, the last two stories were much more serious, dark and thought-provoking. That was well worth the read.

I kinda miss the days of rampant piracy and data hoarding.

We're now living with centralised streaming services that may be a bit more convenient, but are also much more limited in their offering and are run by psychopathic control freaks (a.k.a. "companies") that want to know and influence everything you're doing .

P2P filesharing applications like KaZaA, DC++ and others were a mess, but they were personal, authentic and *fun*.

I just got yet another reminder that LTS kernels updates aren't exclusively bug fixes. Linux 4.14.62 just panicked on me, while a few minor versions before was running perfectly stable. :blob_cry:

"VNDB is a simple website, but it can be intimidating to those that don’t understand how to navigate through something as cluttered as its UI." :blobblush:

Also, weekend! :blobcheer2:
Three-day work weeks are awesome, not sure why I hadn't forced this much earlier.

The downtime was caused by a corosync/pacemaker setup getting split-brained for some reason - it's a pretty fragile setup. It took me 9 minutes to realize there was a problem and 1 minute to kill -9 and restart things.

Using Ansible to perform OS updates and reboots on a heterogeneous and not-very-well-maintained cluster of 150 Ubuntu VMs, with various different HA technologies being used. Quite a challenge, though not a particularly fun one. Only had 10 minutes of partial service downtime so far, so it's going surprisingly well.

Mortal Engines by Stanislaw Lem. Have two :

"Pyron was unable to speak, but could rattle his chains, and thus rattled out the whole truth"

And on how to defeat a dragon on the moon:
""We create a general theory of the slaying of electrodragons, of which the lunar dragon will be a special case, its solution trivial."

That moment when you write code without thinking, find out that you didn't even need to write a certain function, but leave it in anyway. :blobsweat:

I have evaluated and experimented with and before deciding to stick with . I find that both PureScript and Haskell are vastly more powerful and superior languages, but it's the tooling, documentation and ecosystem (stability) that convinced me to use Elm. PureScript is married with NPM, GHCJS is a pain to get running.

Elm is 5 binaries and a few small libs with no other dependencies, and comes with a platform that has most of what you need. The output JS is smaller, too.

Me, this morning, seeing a temperature of 21 ⁰C outside, optimistically thinking that it's cooled down a little, going out to do some inline skating for an hour, coming back completely soaked from the bare sun and lack of wind, and seeing that the temperature has already increased to 25 ⁰C in just one hour and is likely to increase some more till noon.

Yeah, never mind, this heat wave is still going strong. :blobsweats:

Finally got off my lazy ass and reported & investigated this issue. Turns out it's indeed a performance regression, but also that there's an option to disable the behavior.

Finally, vifm is super fast again! :blobcheer:

I'm used to seeing tons of NullPointerExceptions, so this was a nice change.

Foundation by Isaac Asimov. I realize these stories are well over 60 years old, but the Star Wars-level realism still annoys me.

How can a planet that has stagnated to run on coal and oil still have the capability of interstellar travel? Why could the technology for interstellar travel not be applied to warfare? Where does a terraformed planet get its fossil fuel? Why go on holiday to another planet for their better climate, when a single planet has multiple climates? Etc. 🤨

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#Malware is the revenge to the industry for making people learn the universally hated "enterprise grade" technologies in all the details.
You wanted to cut costs by putting the developers in a position where they're easily replaceable? — Nah, you'll pay even more to the "security experts"!

I've been aware of the patent-aversion of the PostgreSQL project, but this article confirms that patents and liberal free software licences fundamentally don't work well together, *even* if the patent holder is willing to help. Recommend read.

Dear Japan,

I realize this is a fantasy anime, but if you're using a Dutch city as inspiration, please keep the following in mind: This country is *flat*. 0/10 in realism.

Productive day at work. I cleaned my keyboard, found that some keys didn't work anymore, locked myself out of the system after a few password failures, grabbed a new keyboard and invoked the contigency plan for regaining access because all my colleages with the right access level just left the building a few minutes earlier... I'm glad we prepared for this scenario. :blobcatmelt: