"Perceptive Perl hackers may have noticed that a for loop has a return value, and that this value can be captured by wrapping the loop in a do block. The reward for this discovery is this cautionary advice: The return value of a for loop is unspecified and may change without notice. Do not rely on it."
- perlsyn(1) man page

That's a style of documentation I enjoy reading. :blobcat:

> Far worse than me at English
> Writes visual novel
--or worse--
> Translates visual novel

Happens far too often. :blobcatnotlike:

The biggest risk of an incremental rewrite: Getting bored halfway through and ending up with an inconsistent mess that is worse than before you started.

I had trouble falling asleep last night because my mind conjured up a Perl script and I couldn't reason, without doubt, what its output was going to be. :blobcatdead:

On the one hand it often saddens me that projects are disregarded or abandoned because of a technically sound but unpopular choice of implementation language (E.g. The SKS keyservers written in OCaml).

On the other hand I'm guilty of doing the same. I actively avoid certain languages because I'm not interested maintaining so many different packages from different ecosystems...

Hah, looks like I'm not the only one typoing wireshark and wireguard. Here's someone doing it the other way around:

Trying to figure out how to do an incremental rewrite of a complex HTML/CSS layout without breaking individual pages. :blobthinking:

A forum spammer advertising a training course on digital marketing.

I wish I was kidding.

Argh this form. Where is the "I don't know, I don't track people" option?

Uhm, I don't? People just come, or something. :blobshrug:

I really need to take some photos of this area, but I don't like taking electronics with me when hiking.

So you'll have to take my word for it for now: Nature around here is absolutely beautiful. :blobcataww:

I really want to write a cgit clone with built-in issues & PRs, with the same lean Javascript-free interface and with the issues stored directly in the git repos. 😩

I just realized that my terminal segfaults when I close it.

Not sure if bug or feature.

Alternative use for hard drives: Keeping network cables in place.

Amazing. Finally got video output working (with the correct resolution, even!), but now I'm not getting any audio through HDMI. Whyyyyyyy. :blobdead:

I've been using Globster[1] with the feedspam script to have notifications sent to ncdc[2]. It's pretty convenient because I'm already running the client anyway, but I lose notifications when it isn't running. So looking around for better alternatives.

1. dev.yorhel.nl/globster
2. dev.yorhel.nl/ncdc

Out of curiousity: What are you using to consume RSS/Atom feeds?

I've learned not to complain when a syntax highlighter messes up Perl, but this is a whole new level of bad. :blobtilt:

Unexpected side effect of being unemployed: I have more energy to be productive so I spend less time reading. So much for being a bookworm...

My pastebin can't handle a 1MB text file with URLs. :nyoron:

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