PSA: I'll be moving to @ayo.

Please follow me there! And please accept any follow requests coming from that account so that I can keep stalking you. :blobcataww:

People looking for a cozy instance, feel free to join us in our lonely little fediverse town at - we have blobcats and we'll be nice. :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

Hey followers: Tell me about your software (or art) projects you're working on!

I'm genuinely curious.

Spent most of the day gaming, only to realize (again) that programming is less boring. :ablobheadshake:

That moment when you attempt to restart a VM and get an error telling you that the VM image could not be found. 

New mastodon instance coming online!

because loneliness is what you get when you spend too much time on online social networks.

The biggest problem with internet being down for a day: No new lewd anime pictures. :blobcatsob:

Why implement threaded or async network I/O when you could just as easily add a notice.

I wrote a little GTK program in OCaml in 2011. The binary I created back then still works, but I've no clue if the code still compiles today.

I was fully prepared to rant about how crap the Alita: Battle Angel movie would be, but it's actually... pretty alright. It does totally nail the cyberpunk aesthetic.

Nobody commented on the cute Christmas hat I bought for Lasty-chan this year.

Notice her already, senpai!

"Perl 5 development has moved to Github"

Alternative title: "Microsoft expands its hold over Free Software"

But that apparently wasn't a discussion point.

I'm pretty sure I was mainly using my right hand to advance the visual novel yesterday, but I've somehow managed to strain my left wrist. wasn't even an eroge.

Decided to give my new phone's camera a test drive. Most of the photos turned out blurry or with shitty lighting, but that's just me sucking at photography.

Visual novel reading chair: acquired.

It's old and dirty, but

Who needs IPv6 when you can put ISP customers behind NAT and host the rest of the internet at a few centralized cloud providers!

Ugh, so the sale of the .org TLD to a private equity firm actually went through.

I see a lot of drama about a 10% yearly price increase, but if that's all that's going to change I'm sure I'll manage. More worried about other scummy things a for-profit with zero incentive to serve the public interest might do.

Back when I wrote plain old Javascript: "Alright I've implemented everything except the Javascript part. It'll be a mess, I totally don't want to work on that."

After switching to : "Alright I've implemented everything except the Elm part. Meh, not in the mood."

I don't think there'll ever be a time where I look forward to writing dynamic front-end stuff.

# emerge --sync
>>> Checking server timestamp ...
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