I'm shocked and appalled that doesn't expose any RSS/Atom feeds.

Update my shitty old self-written bug tracker or migrate to Gitea? :blobthinking:

Why are POSIX Basic Regular Expressions a thing? grep and sed are barely usable without -E. :blobunsure:

I'm writing horrible abominations with make and shell again. It's just too fun not to.

I'm reading an article I wrote in 2012.

I can't believe how naive I was back then.

What a refreshing take on FLOSS sustainability and company involvement. No need for big budgets and fast growth, we just need enough to get by and have fun doing open source in the long term. It seems obvious, but it's not a view I read about very often.


I find it hilarious that I'm still getting SEO optimization services spam ("improve your keywords!" blah) for a domain where I have the following /robots.txt:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

Maybe I don't want to be found? :blobcat:

I'm not the type to get mad easily, but a publisher abusing the DMCA to kill off *fan art* really does get on my nerves.

I kinda understand the difference between sync/async programming, threading vs. non-blocking I/O, etc. But I don't really understand the current trend of providing a synchronous interface ([cg]oroutines, async/await) on top of an asynchronous system. If you want synchronous code, why not use actual threads? In particular, what is the appeal of 's from a programming perspective? I realize that threads may have a bit higher overhead, but is that the *only* reason to use tokio?

I'll be taking care of this fluffy old animal for a week. Going to be lots of fun!

I feel so vulnerable when I use Firefox with a default configuration. It remembers cookies, asks to save passwords, autocompletes search queries, remembers and randomly suggests sites visited earlier, doesn't very thoroughly block trackers nor ads.

Browsers aren't supposed to be used without tweaking.

Someone told me that I've been pronouncing wrong the whole time.

It's not en-see-dee-you, it's nice-dee-you!

This is one of those everything-goes-wrong days. Spent 2 hours in the morning fixing a tiny issue with a LaTeX template. Did not receive something I should have received. Wanted to "just quickly move" 10k files over a slow NFS that took 3 hours. Failed an Ubuntu 16.04 -> 18.04 upgrade and ended up reinstalling my VPS. Lost my Tor relay keys in the process. And just ran into a bug in serde_json: github.com/serde-rs/json/issue

Time for some entertainment, but I ran out of anime.

"Battery 0: Discharging, 93%, discharging at zero rate - will never fully discharge."

I always love it when acpi gives me that message. It never held in practice, unfortunately.

LaTeX has got to have the worst error reporting of any software I've worked with.

Github issues and PRs are unreadable with all the distracting emoticons sprinkled around the page.

Wanted: A powerful multi-protocol text-mode chat client.

Been using Weechat for a long time, but plugins or proxies for other protocols is awkward at best.

Starting a project is easy. Finishing a project is doable. Anywhere in the middle it's a slog.

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