Dear Mozilla,

I consider Browser extensions that I install to be an extension of the Browser - that is, I don't just install anything I find on the net, I require that extensions are open source and I trust them to work for me just as I trust the Browser to work for me. Please stop trying to protect power users from powerful extensions, they're the only reason I use Firefox in the first place.

Yes, I can see how too many Read mores would be a con.

(And how is escaping HTML still a problem? :blobglare:)

Still beats machine learning though.

Automating stuff with regexes is painful. Always some odd side cases that aren't handled well.

Playing around with Anime4K in mpv. It does sharpen the image a bit, but doesn't do much about the compression artifacts. :blob_cry:

(Comparison PNGs:

"Personally, I'd be happy if people would just stop hating on any free software in general. Even buggy free software is someone's effort, released into the world hopefully for our benefit. These conversations would be so much easier to have if they were framed in terms of costs and benefits, different use cases, and personal preferences, rather than making supposedly-objective statements grounded in strong personal opinions about the merits or worthlessness of some piece of software."

My home timeline sometimes refuses to load more content so I sometimes miss interesting toots. Is that a general Mastodon weirdness or is that @Miaourt doing scary things on the server? :blobsweat:

Minor annoyance: Type inference for bind parameters doesn't seem to work for array elements. I.e.

UPDATE table SET col = ARRAY[$1];

Doesn't work when 'col' is of type integer[] because that array value is assumed to be text[]. Needs an explicit type cast.

There's this neat-looking little utility that provides project-local dependency management for : Carton.

Such a tool ought to be easy to install, ideally it would be part of the Perl core distribution. So one might expect that the tool has been written with that use case in mind, but that would be way too sensible! The tool has 30 CPAN dependencies. :blobunsure:

News anchor misspoke "the weather for tonight" as "the water for tonight", with no loss of accuracy.

I've been using my cheap-ass 4 years old Chromebook pretty heavily on the battery, yet it still manages to last about 7 hours. I'm impressed.

"Your is Sick : Need Doctor?"

Spammers are getting creative. 🙄

Why oh why hasn't Twitter implemented ActivityPub yet?

That was rhetorical question.

Finished We Are Legion (We Are Bob) by Dennis E. Taylor. It deals with some interesting themes (simulating the human brain, space exploration, a bit of AI), but was utlimately shallow, unchallenging and pretentious. The book relies far too heavily on out of place humor and references to popular American SciFi. The writing is plain and I couldn't identify with the main character at all. Finally, none of the storylines really get anywhere in this book. There's a sequel, but I won't be reading it. :blobshrug:

It's always the writing of a user interface that holds me back...

But it looks like it worked.

now has integration with :

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