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Ayo @ayo@niu.moe

I now have 75k of code, excluding dependencies. It compiles and minifies to 155k of Javascript, which compresses down to 39k. That's really not bad at all.

Muscle memory is especially strong when tired. Was typing "That feature is not used much anime... aniway... anyway". :blobblush:

There's no *yawn* emoji, so this will have to do 😪

And I have more potential use cases for the same schema:
4. Automatic generation of HTML5 validation attributes (to keep that synchronized)
5. Code generation for Elm types and JSON codecs.

But I'll first have to see if those are worth it; One can take DRY a few steps too far.

Schemas for dynamic data types have more uses than I had expected. The schema definition at code.blicky.net/yorhel/vndb/sr is currently used for three completely separate things:
1. To validate input from the browser
2. To convert information from the database into well-typed JSON
3. For normalization and comparison of form input against the information in the database.

And the special _when key in the schema can be used to include or exclude certain fields in any of the 3 scenarios.


- Turns out that sending a reset signal to Hetzner's vKVM system does a shutdown rather than a reboot.
- Server got back up after sending a boot signal.
- (And in the mean time I attempted to get a remote KVM console from Hetzner which didn't go very well, but I ended up not needing that)

Sorry for the downtime! (Also, 500 characters isn't a lot)

Aaaah, I got it! I'm an idiot. Root cause analysis:
- All my servers run the same kernel image, compiled on my system at home.
- This particular server needed NVMe support, which I had enabled in the previous kernel build.
- I built a new kernel today, using the /proc/config.gz of my system at home (as usual), but this was an older kernel without the NVMe support.
- Of course, the server didn't boot after that update.
- I booted into vKVM, rolled back the kernel, but it still didn't boot.


Uhm. I just gave it another hardware reset and now it booted. What the heck. :blobunsure:

It works, so I'm not going to touch it.

The server boots fine in Hetzner's virtual KVM thing, but fails to boot on the raw hardware for some odd reason. This may take a while to fix. 😫

Crap, one of my dedicated servers didn't survive a reboot. :blobsweats:

I did a poll on about possible ways to help motivate people to contribute to the codebase. The results are pretty interesting. vndb.org/t10746?pollview=1

What surprises me is that there aren't even that many votes for the "get rid of Perl" option, despite often being cited as the most hated programming language.

At work we have a monitoring room with 6 large screens, and I usually abuse one of them for cute anime art. I put some beautiful artwork with a dragon on the screen today, and the manager of the team (who dislikes anime but loves photography): "I totally would have made that picture, if I saw a dragon like that". Yeah, that's a big "if"...


Finished reading Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan. The premise is great: A future where people's mind and body can be seperated, swapped, stored and virtualized. A detective story trying to uncover why someone who's immortal killed himself.

But it was disappointing. The world was bleak for no apparent reason, and there's too much focus on "badass" stuff like mafia-like power struggles, prostitution and pointless fighting. I was hoping the future would have more interesting problems.

I've no clue what career path I'd like to follow. Currently doing some IT security architect work, and thinking I'd love to implement the things I describe. Then I look at the dev team and their Java stuff that is so ridiculously complex and overdesigned that it's impossible to do any quality control, and then I'm happy to not have anything to do with it. Why does IT suck so much. 😕

Me, in bed this morning:
"*Yawn* What time is it? I'm supposed to be up at 6:30... Oh, crap, I might have forgotten to set my alarm yesterday..."

*looks at clock*
alarm indeed not set

I reimplemented the monthly customer report generation from MS Word with ugly macros into LaTeX with ugly bash/makefile scripting. My colleagues are very happy with it, though. Now they, too, can use vim and git for reports. :blobcheer:

Watching Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu. It had a slow start, but it's is really quite good. I'm loving the detailed and realistic characters.

A game of battleship will never be the same once you're aware of the costs involved.
"Aw damn, you hit my cute little destroyer-class ship! 500M€ down the drain!"
"Don't you dare find my Carrier or next the entire country will go bankrupt!".

As an example, in perl, qr/\d/ stringifies to '(?^:\d)', which is a fancy way of writing '(?d-imnsx:\d)'. Javascript doesn't understand the 'd' and 'n' flags...