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I created a Matrix room for ChiFS:

Or: @ freenode.

I encourage everyone who's interested in ChiFS to join!

I like it when website spammers mess up their timing and post crap just a few seconds before I casually hit refresh.

They must be surprised to see their posts deleted and accounts banned within 1 minute after posting.

The lack of negation in some of the instance rules allows for silly interpretations. "Unwelcome sexual attention" is a rule, so make sure to do it! :blobamused:

Playing an anime at double speed doesn't make the evening go by any faster.

Random observation: Organizations are often very wary of writing custom code in order to solve a problem they have, because they realize - correctly - that the code will need to be maintained.

Instead they often opt for existing products that come with far more features than they need and end up being far harder to understand and maintain than the few hundred lines of scripting that would have sufficed for their use case. :blobcatthink:

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Live from Utrecht: discussions about #FreeSoftware, the right to publish #PanoramaPictures and the #EUelections at the #FSFE infobooth on the #NLLGG meeting.

Update: I've decided to go with the "Redirect to a password change form and force a password change before continuing" solution. Thanks for all the feedback!

And it's live:

Why do I always impulsively hit refresh on a website when I'm rebooting the server it runs on? Of course it's not going to load.

Never again am I going to use my desktop PC for I/O intensive background tasks. 😞

There are so many developers who insist on always using "optimal" algorithms for everything, but who don't realize that those often have really shitty constant overhead and that data locality is a thing. A simple array can easily outperform a B-tree or other complex data structure if your n isn't too large, and can provide acceptable performance even when it is.

Optimizing for code size and memory use will often get you pretty good performance for free. Everything depends on context.

> Sees news passing by about yet another Intel CPU vulnerability.
> Reads that disabling hyper-threading (mostly?) mitigates it.
> "Pfft, who still has that enabled?"
> Checks own systems.
> Enabled on 3 out of 4 servers. :blobcatoh:

inb4 I still manage to screw this up somehow.

Some time ago I had hardened 's authentication system to provide extra security checks at the database layer using column-level security and stored procedures.

Now that I'm modifying the authentication flow on the website a bit to add the dictionary check, I realized that I can't introduce a major vulnerability even if I wanted to - the database model won't let me.

The hardening was to protect against SQL injection, but turned out to be useful beyond that. :blobcataww:

SSDs don't really prevent your computer from getting super sluggish when running a heavy I/O task. :blobshrug:

So now that I have a pretty good method to identify weak passwords, what should I do when an existing user attempts to log in to their account with a weak password?

Each time a cyclist passes me I look for signs that it's an e-bike. It's like I can't accept that some people are faster than me. 😅

I have some ideas for articles that I've been meaning to write for at least 4 years now, but instead I end up writing about an idea that popped in my head just yesterday. (And it's a fluff article indeed) :blobblush:

New article: How to quickly look up passwords in a compressed dictionary with only a small amount of code.

That moment when you perform a large data transfer over Tor and you can see a corresponding spike in network traffic on one of your own Tor relays.

Sometimes I wish I was a little bit more naive and simple-minded.

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