Today at work;

Boss: Orange! you got three Above And Beyond awards! YAY! 1 for individual effort and 2 you share with your team!

Me: (internally): Uh, these are for tasks that are part of my job and simple tasks that I do without complaining. Ok, I'm not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.

Me: do I get a raise? or full time?

Boss: fuck no.

Me: Can I heel hook patrons when there being dumb motherfuckers?

Boss: sure, just wipe the security cameras afterwards.

Me: :awesome:

@electroCutie @automaticorange please let me regale you with tales of far off lands presented in the form of sock puppet theater! :starts to take off shoe:


@kondziu @electroCutie

Welcome to the Hamster King's sock friends show!

Today's lessons: being a good friend, recycling, and how to use Git without borking you code base!!

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