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crist贸bal -410-

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This is called minga. My ancestors could move their houses throwing them to the sea and moving among Chiloe Islands. In land, people use bulls to move them to the desired place.

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Reposting this to pin it on my profile.

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* Chilean Lover of his traditions, mythical stories, nature and animals*
*Horse Rider*
* Free/Libre Software User since 2009*
*Free/Libre Social Network User since 2014*
*Former Law Student*
* "Farmer"*
*Former Fire Brigade Member tempered by Chilean Great Wildfire season 2016-2017*
*Writer of Bad Poems*
*Bullying @Technowix since July 2017*
Links d* profile *bad poems*

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Actually that's a point

Do anarchists (of any stripe) refer to the overthrow of statism as a "revolution"? Surely it'd be inaccurate since you're not replacing it with another administration.

prototype 3 of the Atreus Deck has already got a blood stain on it.

that's how you know it's gonna be good.

I saw this bird yesterday. The name is traro, *caracara plancus* a kind of falcon.

Before the wind which sculpted the stone
before the star dust which had fallen to Earth
there is no cold that tempered my bones
I only know I have more to search

Because you are the dream that never could be
In any kind of reality, my hands are far away the yours
Because you are in the boat of infinite sea
If could have something to do

My oxidized axe doesn't sing anymore
Because there was something lost
It was my soul. I need to be reborn
from shining fire and white snow.

@moonman i'm so sorry. i hope you make the most of the time you have left with him + heal afterwards.

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@astheroth you have a nice day! it鈥檚 good to see u around again!

Well It took me almost a year to reach 27k point. Usually I dedicated toots to people who were or are important to me. But, as died, a place where I had good memories of people those I will never see again, it's perhaps is a stupidity to give more meaning to a variable status and a finite place as long as the bonds among people are.