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If anyone has been asked why I changed my avatar is due the following reasons:
1. I think chibi avatars are cute
2. That chibi avatar is a chilean huaso, a chilean version of usa cowboys
3. September has the Fiestas Patrias, the chilean national holidays which adding the weekend and additional holidays are five days this year.
4. the anime huaso is dancing our traditional dance called *cueca*
5. The day we celebrate as our national holidays is the day
when the war against spain had begun.

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This is called minga. My ancestors could move their houses throwing them to the sea and moving among Chiloe Islands. In land, people use bulls to move them to the desired place.

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* Chilean Lover of his traditions, mythical stories, nature and animals*
*Horse Rider*
* Free/Libre Software User since 2009*
*Free/Libre Social Network User since 2014*
*Former Law Student*
* "Farmer"*
*Former Fire Brigade Member tempered by Chilean Great Wildfire season 2016-2017*
*Writer of Bad Poems*
*Bullying @Technowix since July 2017*
Links d* profile *bad poems*

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I need to remember the old catholic chants to exorcise my timeline hahahaha

Windows Subsystem for Linux officially better than native Arch.
My mom, listening to me and my dad chat: ”so is hi-fi autism heritable or what”

I think that Mario was tired of being friendzoned by 30 years.

Bowsette is your shepherd and you need no more

Telltale's treatment of staff "a problem endemic in the industry"
Pro-union group Game Workers Unite lambasts Telltale for cutting staff with no severance pay or healthcare

Register today: our seminar on GPL Enforcement and Legal Ethics is coming up THIS WEEK, on Thursday, September 27 at the UC Berkeley School of Law:
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