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Put lucky star on library computer. I am the pinnacle of rebellion.

When you're sucking a dick and it falls off and slides down your throat

I love how the qwerty layout was made to make people type slower but it has the inverse effect and now we're all super geniuses and can type on it with relative ease usually

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Oh god. Oh no. The open source software enthusiasts. Sound the alarms. They're almost here.

why would you do d-r-u-g-s when you could be doing j-r-p-g-s

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xbox please zelda for the xbox pelase

hey fedi recommend me ps1/psp/ps vita games

ooh they made the not tweetdeck view even more twitterlike. nice.

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some cheeky motherfucker who was supposed to fix this sink at work threw a spare toilet flusher handle on to the thing and called it a fucking day

what an absolute unit

mmmmm.... no columns..... feels right at home, like I'm back on twitter

Ooh yeah mate I got an FM towns and it only cost me 300$, I love going dumpster diving for more crts and shit. I love my old trash hardware that can barely do anything in a language I barely understand YEAH

Absolutely hate people who fetishise old computer hardware

Ethnostate but instead of killing the blacks we kill the organized people

Persona Q2 sucks way less than Persona Q

Shout out to the drunk guy who tried to talk about the Dreamcast with me

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fellas: is it gay to dupe? Because you're deceiving (an unwary person). <i>synonym</i>: <strong> deceive</strong>. ☕️😳😳

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Mastodon users they post like this But Pleroma users, we post like this
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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !