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Put lucky star on library computer. I am the pinnacle of rebellion.

I have been informed this may not be praxis. Doubling down and saying it's actually superpraxis

Going through all my old suspended birdsite accounts

Hello? Sex? Can I borrow some spare sex? Thanks in advance guys I really appreciate it

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new twitter layout ripped off the new masto layout and made it worse

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Ok so I’m gonna try to start doing commissions again this week because I need the money lol here’s my price sheet again! Go ahead and DM me if you want one and I’ll probably start in a day or two :) boosts are always appreciated too lol ty

travis touchdown wearing a shirt based on the greatest rpg of all time and goty 2019-20?? is my aesthetic

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Valve Anti-Cheat protected hvh server

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do you think jesus could bhop on water

web assembly is higher level than nodejs

what do you mean "nodejs isn't a low level language"

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