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If you delete "system volume information" all the audio files on the drive go mute

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Put lucky star on library computer. I am the pinnacle of rebellion.

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it's my birthday today can we get some boosts for juice owl *shutting down*
every mastodon instance: our registration is closed to new users

going down with the ship but at the last minute inflating a lifeboat I kept in my pocket and grabbing 2 decorative oars from the wall

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alright fellas I just remembered the site's aboutta go under where do I go

Have YOU streamed thos Moser by fraxiom and gupi yet

if i am ever above the poverty line let it be known i am the rich to be eaten

Happy incel day fellow free software warriors

Today is national "fuck a car, jaywalk" day

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Discourse vs. intercourse and which one is right for you

Just jamming a full cig into the cartridge slot on my vape pen, for efficiency

$904879283047098123 audiophile setup but I stream all the music from youtube

You call yourself a tty emulator but my breasts are still non-existent

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !