lewd and dumb 

lewd and dumb 

ah fuck thats a shame, me too
quite hard to write stuff when it takes so long to test :^(

yo @dtluna did you end up trying amethyst? How long do projects take to build for you?

young man yells at a videogame cutscene

Frostpunk spoilers 

Frostpunk spoilers 

Just found out about ncdu damn that shit rocks
(real good and friendly util for analyzing disk usage)

@duponin :cry_cirno:
I'm trying to give it a chance, but the UI is not the best in my opinion. A lot of functionality seems to be hidden behind 5 layers of collapses and children resources

@duponin i'm in the process of being frustrated by it :^(
you can help me reevaluate it by pointing towards a way to attach a collider to all tiles in a tileset without clicking them all individually

ok, game engines with editors officially suck
i might try unreal, but epic games sucks as well

Are there any ECS game engines out there with a visual editor approach simlar to Unity or Godot?
I want to play with it, but unity on linux is really slow :cry_cirno:

@cdmnky the way you describe it it really seems like there's no reason to get one :thounking:
join the passport id gang!

@cdmnky though, undoubtedly, public transportation is alwys more ethical

@cdmnky more ethical cars may appear in the future :thounking:
and afaik the drivers licence takes time to get? so it's not bad to have
im not getting one cause i literally walk everywhere yeeet

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