@smotheredbyblankets girl seize those jokes before i bully you into hardcore self-improvement :angry_cirno:

@a_cat C# is not that good either tbh. Has a lot of issues with cross-platforming.

@dikkus well, I don't really understand the opposite side of the argument. What are they asking for, to stop all authors from making political statements? Not all art is meant for you, and that's ok. Also, yeah, not all politicized art is good at making statements either, but it doesn't mean that it shouldn't be made.

As for bloodlines, isn't a political struggle the driving force behind the plot of the first one? I haven't played it tho. Still, asking the sequel to abandon those themes is bizzare.

@dikkus i can't answer the question about Mozart, because i lack the background required to read into music below the surface level

I will admit, that saying that absolutely all art is political was a mistake. But my point still stands, there's nothing wrong with political messaging in art.
And yeah, since reading depends on the reader, you can see political messaging unintended by the author, and from that standpoint, absolutely anything can be political if you stretch far enough.

@matrix @setunai well you asked for an example, and I provided.

Don't forget that reading of messages also depends on the consumer a lot. For the crowd that i intended to call out a single minority character might be "political"

@matrix @setunai most obvious political message that could be put in nature paintings is the environmentalist one.

@matrix @setunai I'm arguing that all humans are perceiving the world through the ideology lens and therefore creating apolitical art is nearly impossible

@setunai @matrix can't wait for the beautiful world without ideologies where every art piece is "innocent" and is about girls drinking tea suspending all judgement

inb4 FSE dumbasses swarm to my replies to say that they just don't like em putting chemicals in the water that turn the freakin frogs gay:

I hate the "don't put politics in X" argument because everything is political, explicitly or implicitly. It's like asking authors to suspend judgement on what they think is good and wrong, and they're not gonna do it.
You just don't like the kind of politics being put, so don't be a coward and admit it.

@smotheredbyblankets it's just feeling accomplished and feeling good about your work. Not so much about coding, it's just a personal example :uwu_cirno:

sumtimes u write code and it works and u feel good and nice

minor health negativity 

hot take 

@smotheredbyblankets i choose to read it as "i don't want any hentai at all" :blobcatblep:

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