following me for Open Source hot takes... you fools! there are only the magical lesbians of Touhou Project, a 24 year-old top-down vertical scrolling shooting game series, here! i will discuss these magical lesbians at-length in the most chuunibyou ways until my flesh expires

Feel like im just in the right headspace to talk to girls rn but like,,, i cant afford a date at this moment

Someone I work with has their water bottle covered in Rick and Morty stickers πŸ‘€ I wonder who they are so I can avoid them.

@mrjunge ah fuck sorry misreading that 0 braincells online

@mrjunge don't know about new faces but im ready for round 3 :blobcatsparklyeyes:

@Miaourt sorry i'm so late, can you please recommend any leftist servers to migrate with nice admins and nice community? :blobcateyes:

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