I just love this kind of metacommentary! Way cooler than when a character just turns to the camera and goes "hell yeah im aware im in a show"

I love this show so much and need to bloody finish it

@prydt me too! Finishing it is very surreal experience for me, cause i started it when i was 14 and i'm finishing it as a young adult but it is just soooo good!

dang... I started it when I was like 12ish when I found a fan translated copy of the first light novel... it was rlly good and i got into the anime from that ^^

@prydt how did you like it? I find the topic very interesting, since bake~ is like almost hostile to the viewer, keeping all the information away, obscure and mysterious
yet so many people are hooked in!

Well I was always into reading and with LNs you can basically "read anime" lol

Honestly reading it I think is a rlly different experience... watching it is worth it just because of the amazing animation and Shaft's unique style, but reading it helps understand the story more... there are a lot of little details skipped in the anime or jammed in that little opening slide show of text that goes a million miles a second

@prydt I'm kinda trying to go through anime at full speed because I love it so much i want to write a huge videoessay about it, but once I'm done with it I will probably pick up the LNs :blobcatbreadpeek:

@artemirl this and my avi and uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

@vaartis if you do, please share!
Meanwhile, I wonder how expensive the hanekawa-style dying is :thounking:

@artemirl not that much

it's called мелирование
I think
anyway it's cheaper than the full head
@artemirl if you get yourself a professional.. it really is the same thing, since hair is colored by making small ponytails from the hair and then coloring those, that way the hanekawa pattern means that you just skip some of these pony-tails, so it's even faster and easier then doing full head

@vaartis hmmmmm i feel like it won't look good but i have to try...

@artemirl tbh your hair is somewhat short-ish for it, i'd say wait a little more

@vaartis dw i'm not getting it before autumn cause my parents gonna fking kill me :---DDD

@vaartis hurrr durr you dont look manly

sorry dad but if you keep trying to control my fucking hair im gonna go queer out of spite

@artemirl "My parents made me gay", tags: crossdressing, yaoi, long_hair
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