@LogicalDash it is actually really cool, but the project seems to be dead :^(

Me, dropping a stitch: "Shit, forgot to disable optimisations"

@artemirl Do people still read EZ? I aspire some day to be the kind of knitter that doesn't require source code, like she used to advocate.

@artemirl A famous knitter. She really advocated for knitters to work without patterns and just figure out stuff on their own.

@artemirl I really recommend her knitter's almanac. It describes twelve knitting projects but not exactly by just giving you a knitting pattern. Instead, she writes a story about what she's doing each month, what's happening in her life, and gives you rough instructions on how to produce each garment. It's a really good read!

@JordiGH i was thinking about getting back into knitting, so i might start with that book. Thanks a lot!

@firewally @artemirl I had the pleasure of seeing two 20th-century Jacquard looms all set up (though not running), with examples of the "coding sheet" and the actual fabric output, at the Paterson Museum in Paterson, N.J. (home of the great poets William Carlos "Red Wheelbarrow" Williams and Lou "Who's on First" Costello). Fascinating to try to figure out how it all worked -- take a look sometime if you're in the vicinity.

@firewally @artemirl Paterson is also worth visiting because of the breathtaking waterfall right in the middle of town. Supposedly it's the second-biggest (by some measurement) waterfall in the U.S., second only to Niagara. Also, there are 5,000 Peruvian restaurants, and lots of Alexander Hamilton-related sites, in the town.
...Wait, how did we get started on this? :)

@artemirl and yet people have to pay for access to source code for knitting, and proprietary clothing outlets are common. In some ways they are ahead of us in the code realm, but in other ways they could learn a lot from us.

@jeffcliff tbh i think the comparison is not that far-fetched and we as people, who are into open source, should look into clothing industry, and exchange knowledge with them

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