Hi, everyone!
Let's get to know each other. My name's Artem, and I'm an intermediate programmer, a game developer and an anime fan. My posts here will probably be about my experiences in programming, studying CS and living abroad. There will be both blog-like informative posts and daily posts.
When it comes to programming, I love to automate daily things and approach problems from a coding perspective. And since I mentioned gamedev, please enjoy my latest game!

@artemirl welcome to the comfiest place on the interwebs

@crlf I'm really glad you checked it out! This is my favourite creation so far, so I want to polish and finish it. Maybe in like a month or two or so :thaenkin:

@artemirl thanks for sharing. is there (or will there be) a win state or does it just go until there are no more people?

@crlf There exists a win state, you have to upgrade one of the techs to level 3 and then an end-game button will appear above the "SEND" button

@artemirl I just noticed the info button. Things make a bit more sense now. I'll have to work harder/smarter to win though.

@crlf yeah, the interface and user experience aren't the best things about this game now...

@artemirl That's okay, I've played Dwarf Fortress. Having some kind of in-game tutorial is a good start.

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