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Hi, everyone!
Let's get to know each other. My name's Artem, and I'm an intermediate programmer, a game developer and an anime fan. My posts here will probably be about my experiences in programming, studying CS and living abroad. There will be both blog-like informative posts and daily posts.
When it comes to programming, I love to automate daily things and approach problems from a coding perspective. And since I mentioned gamedev, please enjoy my latest game!

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Lol xd at americans pretending that -20 is a natural disaster :laughing_cirno:

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sorry QT youve been replaced by HTML
H - hhhhhh
T - This
M - mother
L - fucker

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How do i acquire cute photos of myself that are not selfies with fake expressions :thounking:

After rewriting some old ML code yesterday, here's an updated list of people and companies I hate:
* NVIDIA, but a different division
* Dumb fucks from GitHub
* Myself from 2 years ago

Yesterday I said five (5) whole words to a random girl at uni.
This is how my journey towards chaddom begins.
We're gonna fetch that bread, fellow gamers.

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Finally picked up a book after a long break: Master and Margarita, a pretty fun read!
Also, this fucking cat.

Youtube always autoplaying dubstep and recommending more dubstep because of that is the cyberpunk version of "stop hitting yourself"

I propose a new way of judging how good a game is, Fan Appreciation Coefficient, or FAC
FAC = total price of a full set of trading cards of a given game / price of the game itself

I didn't want to watch this video at first cause i expected it to be just a generic circlejerk of the biggest AAA games this year like Spiderman or RDR, but it's actually full of very cool indie games!
dunkey :blobheartcat:

The classes have started, going slow posting mode now :morning:

Manjaro's initial i3 setup is so good it makes me want to distro hop
Are there any other distros with nicely preconfigured i3?

Apparently because of winter holidays the airport I'm in doesn't do night flights and I'm completely alone in the waiting lounge
Creepy af but at least i don't have to worry about people snatching my laptop while I'm trying not to fall asleep

Good news: only 20/32 hours left until i get home and im sitting in a very comf chair
Bad news: my next plane is in 8 hours and the chair is WAY WAY TOO COMF :blobcatmelt3:

Tensorflow (which is a pain to set up) now provides docker images
This sounds nice but I'm kinda scared of docker, is it any good? :cry_cirno:

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !