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Hi, everyone!
Let's get to know each other. My name's Artem, and I'm an intermediate programmer, a game developer and an anime fan. My posts here will probably be about my experiences in programming, studying CS and living abroad. There will be both blog-like informative posts and daily posts.
When it comes to programming, I love to automate daily things and approach problems from a coding perspective. And since I mentioned gamedev, please enjoy my latest game!

Days since epic games last tried to build an anti-consumer empire: 0

Славяне, как богоизбранной расе именно нам придется защитить мир от двух надвигающихся зол. Объединимся же перед лицом дьявола!

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Chilling with boys at 5 am, not gonna sleep tonight.
Having a big mood.

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This is the "we live in a society" of programming

This is one of the first things i saw on fedi and it is as relevant as always

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So, here's epics epic response: they do not send data without consent, but do collect it locally just in case you change your mind
Fuck them.

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !