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Hi, everyone!
Let's get to know each other. My name's Artem, and I'm an intermediate programmer, a game developer and an anime fan. My posts here will probably be about my experiences in programming, studying CS and living abroad. There will be both blog-like informative posts and daily posts.
When it comes to programming, I love to automate daily things and approach problems from a coding perspective. And since I mentioned gamedev, please enjoy my latest game!

So, i wrote a bundler program for my job, which saves a lot of time and effort
I didn't want to share it with my employer, but i kinda had to, so i did
Some time later, the boss sends me a project to adopt, and it is not using my bundler. I know for a fact that he asked for a bundler to make this exact project. And now it is too late to use it, it's 90% done


Also once again duct tape is the single most useful thing ever

just realized that i made it mirrored lol

People out there actually making cool games on their own while im here just being dead



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"keep politics out of this" is something people only ever say to you when they're trying to maintain a status quo of oppression that they benefit from

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2 weeks into being a girl and enternal pain and she sends you this game what do you do

tfw looking for desktop files writing a full-text search via piping cat into grep worked better than existing softare for searching through them

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Don't expect achievements or excellence from me. I'm here to smoke weed, fuck and have fun
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yesterday i woke up and had a perfect bob cut, despite my hair usually being very messy
now i have a clear goal in life, and i will pursue it to the end.
i want to be that pretty again

3 am mood:
Wanna eat a whole can of sweet corn

so i started learning vim like a month ago and didn't see it as anything more than an editor with c00l bindings, but the more i use it the more i like it, i think im actually getting addicted to vim.... :blobcatdead:


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