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You: "want to go out sometime?" Me, an intellectual: redd.it/a5tgn7

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Virgin "are you ok" vs Chad "let's do this shit"

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I'd say I'm gonna chill out but it's already cold so instead I am going to, get this, warm up.

I'm a genius, right?

Satan is pleased: “Welcome to Hell, you’ve wasted your pitiful life”.

Me: “Yeah, well, at least I’m not an adult living in my Father's basement”.

Satan fighting back tears: “Fuck you, cunt”.

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Do cigarettes packs in you guys country also have extremely triggering imagery?

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would anyone be interested in a short video tutorial series about building video games with Scheme?

I'd like to start from scratch on an Ubuntu machine and walk the viewer through building a simple breakout clone. it will be limited to building the game, not distributing it.

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The only person y'all need to follow is God 🙏

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advice to new people Show more

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yeah i like CRYPTO:

Cryptographic ciphers
RSA block ciphers
Yubikey convenience
Public key cryptography
Time-based one-time passwords
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A possible slogan for the OOP wars:

"Data reuse is more important than code reuse"

ie a big problem with OOP is that once data is packaged together with behaviour into a class, it's very hard to reuse that data in ways unexpected by the original class developer

worse, "not being able to get the actual data" (encapsulation) is a deliberate OOP design goal, so it is unlikely that you will be able to get your data out of an OOP system intact. Unless you store it in parallel in a non-OOP system.

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@freakazoid if you look at it the right way, dabbing is just a modified nazi salute

We've been together for long enough, the girl with no name. It's time to go further. Or backward, who knows.

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@Trev the real mastodon vulnerability is the hurt in all our hearts we jealously guard and hide

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Her diary looks like the one of tumbler emo girl.

Always follow these steps.
CW: Gay intollerant.

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arch linux needs a spank command so that when it it's being a bad girl i can typpe "spnnk" and make it behaeve

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