me, having the usual homescreen existential crisis: welp gotta send some stuff to the lawnchair git I guess

> hears hive mind

the hive mind is real to me
provided its just ipads

truth be told, for once I actually like Samsung's current phones

and thus muh a50 finally came
im calling her suzume

in the PH, its the Metro Rail Transit
basically a moving sardine can in rush hours

me, when I see someone make a no-effort paragraph when people are seriously writing: ok, imma make this quest writing based

Where's F-Zero!!! And wtf has Retro Studios been doing the last 6 years.

what do you mean the a50 is going stateside
jebus yes?

you spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round

You like the #emoji picker of #Mastodon?

Actually, I took it and made it available as an add-on, so you can use it in the whole #Firefox :firefox:! πŸ˜ƒ

Check it out here:

mastodon but with reactions
pls don't burn me

@SuperRobotDeluxe *getting into character

i basically do that almost all the time since I've got too many RP children

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