BDO doesn't stand for Banco De Oro

BDO stands for Being Dirty Online

We find ways

(( stop me please ))

Gab already removed the Monthly Active Users counter from their frontpage (a default Mastodon feature). That's easier than faking active user numbers I suppose :polarbear:

Remember when Adobe changed their software from being buy-to-own to a subscription and nothing was learned?

does anyone have an idea how to install svgtools for inkscape 64 on windows?

me when I hear this:
I blame youtube for making me think about Fortnite to this song

so apparently the old phone that I sent in for repairs would end up getting replaced

the choice between the nokia 6.1 or 8 was there but

my get-updated software bum went for the 6.1

but w/e the 6.1 the has a year to go nyahu

my current playlist:
- a whole lotta PSYQUI
- a bit of fusion
- mamorukun curse OST because darn it albino

when also in doubt:
ORAORAORA the crappy PH admin

the homescreen existential crisis is real

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