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linux, why isn't this the default 

# grep ^UID_MIN /etc/login.defs
UID_MIN 1024

i had been playing about with it locally for about a week but going from no server and a domain to a "working" mastodon instance in a night isn't too shabby

is . (full stop/period) a valid character in fedi usernames?

basically the big thing i need to test before going live is upgrading the mastodon version

oh and setting up backups :notlikeblob:

hmm 2gb ram might be enough to run one instance, but not two...

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okay it's kinda set up but the storage isn't working so it's not ready for testing

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it's been a long time since i wrote an nginx config...

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almost got it set up, just need to get nginx and an ssl cert...

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just need to upload an image... then i can start...

oh but i am using a lot of cloud services to host this particular test instance...

ouch i just realised is £25pa renewal. can't be buying too many of those is only £17py

i guess i'm keeping my new laptop as i've had it for 15 days so i can't return it

oh it also has physical flick switches for wifi and bluetooth

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15.4" TN panel
additional media keys
rj11 & rj45
vga and s-video ports
4x usb 2.0
SD/mmc card reader
user-accessible physical lid detection switch
rotating (225°), 1.3mp webcam

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