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i should get rid of my old laptops...

ugh took me a while to get my OS booted again 

i told the repair team that they could wipe the internal storage. and they did!

i removed it once i found out but it turns out that it still had remnants of the old boot code.

had to dd zero the whole disk and re-do it.

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Running out of bounds backwards (towards the line of scrimmage) doesn't stop the clock.

i guess i need to call dell tomorrow >.<

while there's a delay with my laptop i'll now have a think about what distro to put on it 

top of the list rn is clear linux, at least as the host, but i plan to have at least 3 vms on. otherwise, nixOS or gentoo as the host if clear doesnt work out...

how to blow your 

own mind

i should renew my certified openstack administrator

so there's a cat cafe in Manchester but we won't have time to see it as we have to go to a cabin in Scotland

one reason why firefox is better 

when you use the ctrl+enter shortcut that adds 'www.' and '.com', you can prefill in the rest of the url and it puts the .com in the right place.

chrome just sticks it to the beginning and end, so the domain name has a slash in it >.>

why is the chromebook pixel (2015) a.k.a samus just the best laptop ever

was there an environment variable to get firefox to handle touchscreen events?

i have 9 pages of unredeemed (mostly steam) keys on humble

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