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systemd.volatile= (still learning) 

i want more devices with uefi now

the (vboot) chromebooks don't count

i have no idea where this jig has got to...


fixed a few bugs, installed a few packages

getting better at installing to uefi systems now

my gentoo builds are so secure even i cannot get root access



i should find out how to authenticate someone on a website with u2f

add it to the list

u2f bluetooth key discovery 

i do have a lot of yubikeys; now i have (u2f) 

i hear meowing 

"three branches?", i hear you ask, "in the same repository?" 

git, brag 

i wanna figure out how to use shutdown prevention in bash scripts

i guess it's related to the power management system, but i've only really seen it in desktop environments; the init system can override it...

i tried sending money to kyoani but the bank fees take almost half of it

cool i can crash chromeos in a variety of ways now

building linux distros 

no cookie crew, reddit 

kinda struggling to write this tar2ncdu wrapper

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