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tbf that's not actually what i'm looking for...

just need to make sure tarballs only have what's necessary

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[anime] amagi brilliant park review 

i had to read my own medium post


so it's probably too late for me to get a replacement for the c2000 lpc issue :blobcatsad:

trying to watch amagi brilliant park but my plex server can't render subs fast enough :blobcatsad:

huh 4.19 suddenly decides it does work this morning...

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i finally finished watching endless eight. 

the good news is that the c2750 cpu isn't affected by the lpc clock issue yet

the bad news is that it's much more likely to hit it if i keep powercycling it

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i've decided to turn off my nas in the hot :blobsweats: afternoons

hopefully it'll cool my bedroom down...

okay, i need to test xen with linux 4.19 before rolling it out to the fleet...


only one recent board has actually stopped receiving updates for chromeos (aside from the ones which are so deep past aue)

and it's the 'spring' (daisy_spring) board of the hp chromebook 11 g1


huh i thought haruhi was a supernatural anime but it's actually a 

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