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SMM2 tomoz but the store i pre-ordered from isn't open until 11

i wanna live stream making my live stream app

chicken and egg

Spent a couple of days working on my improved live stream website 

Guild Wars playtime 


found a bunch of old-ish, underused pens, pencils and paper pads

wanna ditch all my computers for a notebook

i should pull out the rock960c again but i've done nothing to fix the issues i had before

probably will pull out a small computer and install gentoo on it to make me feel happy

linux mainline 4.19 works on the samsung chromebook

same cannot be said for the hp 11

why is obs hdmi capture better quality on windows than in linux

i should get back into creating stuff, not just consuming.

oh no, the pixel slate is going to be the last google tablet :S

my desktop's graphics card seems to want to die... ☹️

catching up on stuff
but i'm tired yet bored

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