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the workaround didn't work.

on closer inspection, it's because the persistent network card name... changed.


networkd, fortunately it has a workaround

an even better workaround is in v242, which is unstable in gentoo


after booting, my desktop takes several minutes to get info from ldap/krb5 before it'll let me in.

need to figure out why that is...

played openttd for most of the day.

found out you can merge stations/stops etc

makes the game a little simpler.

the hp chromebook 11 g1 is a great laptop but the battery just doesn't last more than 4 hours :blobsad:

44.1kHz audio over hdmi seems like the main issue.

48k seems okay, maybe a little off, but vlc even has issues playing anything.

it seems like it's a vlc issue, as i can playback music 'fine' with pulseaudio

trying to figure out what's wrong with hdmi audio


took out (my signed馃榿 copy of) this for a reread; now, it's a little more relevant to me

ahh i need to send my camera off for repair

i kinda need to have it ready for the trip to france...

*internal screaming* 

oh shoot my camera's shutter appears to be jammed

might need to split this blog engine out a little just to keep my sanity

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