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the rock960 debian bsp has a 32 bit userland. how tf does that accurately represent the board!?!

fortunately the kernel is 64 bit and allows chroots; it won't be debian or 32 bit for much longer

i got a rock960c board delivered so now to experiment with it

I also went and bought a pixel slate which is scheduled for delivery tomorrow

i didn't realise the phrase "live fast, eat ass" perfectly describes my work sitch rn



my bluetooth headphones have stopped being headphones and are now just a wireless remote

my windows 7 installation keeps failing an update and i don't know enough on how to stop it

it's slowing me down from playing flight sim x


i think it might have been IMA, but i'll wait until the next kernel upgrade to double check that

i got annoyed at the performance of my work laptop so i switched back to full power mode (at the expense of battery life)

I went to the Science Museum and took some pictures of the Lunar Lander and Apollo 10's Command Module 'Charlie Brown'.

im just about ready to buy a new tablet

i've been meaning to write some posts about my camera... but well... i haven't :(

Github without javascript works well except when logging in with a u2f key.

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