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wait, pokemon in BRITAIN?!?!


also was hoping for a gen1-7 re-release for switch :(

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wanna work on my distro but i think im too out of it to work on my distro

worst part of being outside 

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some guy's leather jacket made my headphones rewind >.<

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the urge to buy a pixel slate is rising again...

im at a cheerleading competition 

might try to get linux running on a nexus 9

add it to the todo list

i feel like devving my last chromebook but i just don't know what to put on it

i dipped into some old backups from 2013 and they've held up surprisingly well despite how hard i made them

i also realised i probably should have generated new keys instead of extending and moving my existing keys onto the new yubikey, but i'll save that regeneration for another year

ahh my keyring is now back down to 3 physical yubikeys

i had some ideas as to what my perfect laptop (actually, it would be detachable) would need feature-wise and i'm wondering if i couldn't just build one myself...

or i knew how to ebay my old stuff and but newer stuff

ahh i wish my chromebook(s) had crostini


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